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Newest Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM/OPEL GDS2 Tech2WIN Diagnostic Tool

Newest Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM/OPEL GDS2 Tech2WIN Diagnostic Tool

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VXDiag VCX NANO for GM/OPEL GM Tech2Win and GDS2, It can instead of GM original tool of GM MDI.
2.Compatible with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more

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by Mr.Roger on Oct 18, 2019
I recently bought a 2019 Chevy Colorado WT. The truck is lacking a lot of features but they are present, just not coded in the vehicle computer. Can this device code things like keyless entry and remote start to the computer?
Replied by Jane on Oct 20, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but so sorry, for our device, it only can work for cars up to 2018. For your 2019 car model, we are afraid not able to support.
by Fabio on Oct 17, 2019
Good morning,

I have a problem on my 1999 chevrolet blazer. I lost the remote control. in the European versions, to reprogram a new remote control, I need a 5-digit code that is registered in the ecu. with tech 2 + tis 2000 you can find this code. I wonder if it is possible to do it also with VXDIAG for GM before proceeding with the purchase. thanks
Replied by Jane on Oct 18, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but so sorry, for our vxdiag GM machine, it only supports cars after 2000.
by roberto on Oct 17, 2019
I have one of these and can confirm it works great. I have the blue one, bought from and it works with all Makes/Models... Software was a pain to setup, found out what I was given required 32bit windows for some reason. It will do anything a tech 2 can do. ABS bleeding, BCM AND ECU programming.
Replied by Jane on Oct 18, 2019
We are so appreciated for your feedback, so glad that you are satisfied with our device.
by Michael on Oct 11, 2019
Works great! Used this on a 2001 s10 and was able to do a crank position sensor relearn. Ran tech2win on windows 10 x64 without having to run any sort of VM. Also was able to change tire size (after 15+ years of the spedo reading incorrect!). Able to pull airbag code history, Cam error pid, etc. Wonderful product!
Replied by Jane on Oct 12, 2019
Thanks very much for your feedback, we are so appreciated for your expreience share.
by Jesse on Sep 20, 2019
Good day!

I bought a VCX NANO FOR GM OPEN GDS2 a couple of months ago.
I have a 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 that needs diagnostics and may need a BCM / body control module flashed and programmed to it.

Will I be able to test and program this truck with this tool?

Thank you,
Replied by Jane on Sep 21, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, our tool can support programming, but need to do online. You need to have online SPS account yourself.
by Patrick on Sep 16, 2019
I used a VCX Nano dongle, so with the cost of that, joining fee for the GM portal, plus 2x 1-hour subscriptions (I didn’t realise the first hour I bought would start immediately – I didn’t have the dongle at that point) cost me 170€ and saved me a 6-hour round trip plus probably a hotel for the night plus whatever the main dealer charged for the reprogram. My Ampera is charging once more.
Replied by Jane on Sep 17, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, we are so glad for your satisfaction on our device and functions.
by Erik Balagot on Sep 11, 2019
Hello I bought this :
After installing all the software and drivers I did a self test on DX and it did say all ok
I have a 2007 Chevy Averlanche
Did sign up for 2 year AC Delco Vehicle Programming Software when I go to SPS it will not show the VXDIAG in selection only some other tools J2534Tool and Tech2 Legacy Pass Thru and Tech2 Remote.

I do not feel like to move forward and start to program my ECU at this point please let me know
Replied by Jane on Sep 12, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, in your case, engineer said please choose "J2534 Tool" to continue.
by Russell Burden on Sep 10, 2019
Hi, will this unit work with the Cadillac deville 2001? If yes does it do checks on the A/C module also? How hard is it to install? Does it need any other software from acdelco to work on Tech2?
Replied by Jane on Sep 11, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, we confirmed with engineer, they said the vcx nano GM can support your car for A/C module check. For software installation, we have video to show you.
We offer GDS2 and tech2win software with the device, no need other software.
But if you need to do programming, you need to have online SPS account yourself.
by Mr.Mike Strong on Aug 29, 2019
Very very very fast shipped. Works excellent so far. Had some trouble with tech2win to work in the beginning but i managed to work that out :)
Replied by Jane on Aug 30, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, as you are in U.S, and chose premium express, we can offer 2 day delivery for you from US warehouse directly.
by mendi mano on Aug 27, 2019
Dear sir.
I have an fault code B 101e ,
no security code programmed on my Opel Astra J 2010.
I was adviced to perform " Learn Immobilizer "
with diagnostic tool. so im intrested to know is it possible to perform that programming with your diagnostic tool VXDIAG VCX NANO.
Replied by Jane on Aug 28, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for programming function, you need to have online SPS account yourself.
by brandon on Aug 25, 2019
I recently purchased a VCX Nano for GM (no wifi). The unit is in perfect working condition with no cosmetic damage and includes original packaging.
by Ricardo on Aug 22, 2019
Hello Sir
we buy from you VXDiag GM, we cant conect to Chevrolet Captiva from 2009 year
for 2009, we have only Daewoo
Replied by Jane on Aug 23, 2019
For your problem, For Chevrolet, if cannot find your car model of 2009, please close GDS2, then open tech2win software, choose "North America" option to find your car of 2009.
by Kire Filipovski on Aug 20, 2019
Dear Sir,

I like ask you why when we use GDS2 for Chevrolet in list we have only two year 2002 and 2003, for opel start from 2009 year.

Replied by Jane on Aug 20, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for Chevrolet models, you need to choose North America Options to check more years.
For Opel, only can use GDS2 software, it only support cars after 2009.
by Dennis on Aug 19, 2019

I recently purchased a VXDiag VCX Nano for GM vehicles for use with Windows XP computer. Unfortunately the VX Manager software does not install correctly on my laptop and thus does not communicate with my truck.

I believe I need a different VX Manager package if that is the case can you supply suitable software.


Replied by Jane on Aug 20, 2019
For vx manager, please download here.

For vcx nano GM, better to install on win7 system.
by Justin Williams on Aug 14, 2019
Hello, I am interested in purchasing the VXDIAG for GM and I was wondering if I can use this to upgrade vehicle PCM to latest calibrations? And if so, how? I assume it would require a subscription to GM online software.
Replied by Jane on Aug 15, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for the function you mentioned, it  require a subscription to GM online software. You need to have online SPS account yourself.
by Greg on May 29, 2019
With over 25 years of professional IT experience I could not get this VXDIAG VCXNANO Vehicle Communication Interface Powered For GDS2 to work on four different computers across mutliple OSes yes using the VMWare virtual machines as well.

I wanted to read some 2001 and 2002 Chevrolet trucks using the Tech2Win software, but no dice. Although the VX Manager would see my device every time, it would never show up as a proper MDI device. I would get this error when running the Tech2Win\AutoInstall.exe

and first it would tell me the MDI is already installed, and if I tried to install it separately I would get this error:

VCXRPC.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entyr point InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

I have tried to follow Mr. Styve Ortega's detailed instructions and no go.

I have watched a couple YouTube videos on this and no go.
Replied by Jane on May 29, 2019
Would you please tell us your order number? If you bought from us, please send photos or video to show your operating process? we will send to engineer to check, then offer solution for you.
by Mr.Youssef Jawhar on May 5, 2019
I bought this for my Volt and Spark EV. It works great and has saved me two dealer trips so far.

A copy of GDS2 is included. And, it can be used to program with ACDelco SPS (separate subscription required from them).

If you have a recent GM vehicle and want to maintain it yourself, this is a must!
Replied by Su jinyu on May 5, 2019
Thank you very much for the feedback. 
Any questions feel free to contact.
by Mr. priyanga senavirathna on May 3, 2019
I need to know Supports isuzu truck?

thank you
Replied by Jane on May 4, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but this one does not support isuzu, also not support isuzu truck.
by Mr.Styve Ortega on Apr 27, 2019
My order arrived. The seller provided a link to the software. Got the software downloaded.

I installed everything and figured out how to use it. First, the Tech2Win must operate as a virtual machine on your computer, so it doesn't matter if you have a 64bit OS (as I do). There are no instructions for this, so this is how I completed the install:
- Install the VM software
- Install the VX software (the VX software is for the diagnostic connector that connects to the car, and takes the place of GM's MDI)
- Use the Tech2 Win auto-install
- Install the GM MDI Manager
- **Before** you open Tech2 Win, you must first open and run the VX Manger software and connect the vehicle connector to the USB, so the VX manager recognizes it (if you do not do this FIRST, the Tech2 program will not be able to locate the interface, and will display "no communication".
- Open Tech2 Win application directly, it will automatically open via through a virtual machine on your computer passively, there is nothing you need to do with the VM software.
- Once the Tech2 splash screen appears, press enter. You will be prompted to select which MDI the Tech2 software is supposed to recognize (this is why you must run the VX manager first, otherwise there will be no MDI selection present to select).
- Connect to the vehicle and begin polling data

I believe many of the respondents who state this did not work simply couldn't figure out the necessary path. You must install everything, not just parts. The Tech2 looks for the VM software to open, so if you don't install the VM hardware (thinking it's not necessary), it may not function. Also, the VX OBD2 interface and VX manager software must be installed and running before you open the Tech2 application, otherwise the Tech2 won't see an MDI interface (the VX spoofs an MDI serial) for communication.

Once I figured out the necessary path for operation, I am able to use this just as a GM supplied Tech2. You are still limited to model years 1992 - 2013 just as with a Tech2, so don't think you're going to use it on a 2014 - 2018 vehicle as they are not supported by the Tech2 anyhow.

I've been able to get into my 1996 K1500, 2004 CTS-V, 2005 Uplander (programmed the key fobs), and 2013 Cruze with ease. This is the Tech2 software, so you can execute anything a Tech2 can (save for programming a PCM, you need a separate service for that).

All in all, it's a great price for the capabilities you get without the need for a separate hand held device. I used the same laptop which I use all of my performance tuning. I would be hesitant to use this product on a device with personal information, but that's just me.

Overall, it does work as described!
Replied by Jane on Apr 27, 2019
Thanks very much for your feedback and share. We will share it on our blog and technical page, for other users.
by Mr.Jim Carter on Apr 27, 2019
Works with C6 Corvettes. Prepare for a very long learning curve. Sequence of installation that worked for me:
1. Attach the device to your pc
2. Execute MDI.exe
3. Install VXmanager
4. Execute auto install with VXmanager running.
Replied by Jane on Apr 27, 2019
Thanks very much for your feedback, we are so appreciated for your share on installation.
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