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VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for FORD MAZDA HONDA JLR 3 in 1 Support WIFI

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for FORD MAZDA HONDA JLR 3 in 1 Support WIFI

  • Item No. VX07-W
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WIFI Version VXDiag MULTI Diagnostic Tool for FORD MAZDA HONDA JLR 3 in 1
1.Support 4 brand in one device
2.Support add more car model authorization on this hardware
3. Hardware and software support update online.
4.Support WIFI.

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by Mr.Calvin Holley on Feb 21, 2021
I've reprogrammed Ford ECU with VCX multiple times. It paid itself already.
by Mr.vincent on Aug 30, 2020
the new firmware is very annoying, keep popping up message to update license everyday? total nonsense.
since this firmware v1.8, every 60 day you have to connect and validate the license.
very bad firmware update.
please provide good solution

Replied by jolly on Sep 4, 2020
Hello Mr.vincent,
You can renew license by yourself,Just Enable network connection, update software license, the license date will be renewed.
by Mr. Compu Care on Aug 18, 2020
hi, lost all my existing licenses, need help please
i have updated the firmware for this model of my vxdiag multi to V1.8.0.0
with a serial number V71xxx.
after updating the firmware i lost all my existing licenses. { ford/mazda/honda/JLR)
gives me error message " Update License failed, Retry Errorcode: 0
kindly support as soon as possible.

thank you
Replied by jolly on Aug 20, 2020
Hello Mr. Compu Car,
About your problem, you could check this blog:
Best regards,
by Quenten on Oct 10, 2019
Hello, do you have a scanner that supports Honda, Ford, Mazda, and VW in one machine? What years does the scanner cover?
Replied by Jane on Oct 12, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, in your case, you can buy this one directly, and leave message to us for what software you need, we will change software for you directly before shipment.
by Mark on Aug 28, 2019
I was looking on your site and was wondering if the VX07-W will work with the 2003-2010 ford powerstroke engines? If not do you have a model that will work with those?


Replied by Jane on Aug 30, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but for our machine and software, it only can work for Ford models 2005-2018.
by Mr.jesus on May 21, 2019
se pueden actualizar las marcas y que espacio y memoria necesita la pc
Replied by Jane on May 21, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for this item, software can update by software link download directly. If you bought from us, you can contact us to offer order number and get free software link.
by Mr.Ramon Lopez on Nov 21, 2018
Tested on a 2005 Mazda Tribute ( Ford Escape )

Mazda IDS 103.4
IC P.M.I. : Success
GEM P.M.I. : Success
by Mr.Jensen Glynne on Nov 21, 2018
2007 Ford Expedition (5.4L)
Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
DSCM module installation (PMI) - SUCCESS
LTM Liftgate/trunk module reprogramming - SUCCESS
by Mr.Siêu Thị Hàng Úc on Nov 21, 2018
2008 Mazda 3 (2L)
Mazda IDS 103.02
PCM module reprogramming - SUCCESS
by Mr.William E. Garcia on Nov 21, 2018
2005 Ford Five Hundred (3L)
Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
GEM module reprogramming - SUCCESS
by Gary Henderson on Jun 28, 2018
Hello, I received the package, arrived in 5 days, very fast shipping. But I wonder if I can install all 4 software on the same PC?
Replied by Jane on Jun 29, 2018
Thanks very much for your feedback,  but for the 4 software, please install on different PCs separately.
by Mr.priyanga on Oct 20, 2017
helo honda HDS sapots lost key program ?

pls tel me
Replied by Jane on Oct 22, 2017
Sorry, for the Honda hds, It does not support lost key program.
by Mr.Carlos Vallejo on Sep 28, 2017
Ford Software supports all vehicles, also F-150? I need the tool in order to diagnostic and repair a F.150 fleet.
Replied by Jane on Sep 28, 2017
Thanks very much for your message, but sorry, the software cannot support all vehicles. for your model,F150, do not support.
by Mr.Compu on Sep 21, 2017
all the multi diag support LAN interface , the grey and red one.?

do we have to purchase LAN cable separately?
Does this device support LAN?
Replied by Jane on Sep 22, 2017
This inerface is red, come with lan cable, no need to buy separately. Support wifi.
by Mr.motorcare on Sep 21, 2017
Does this support LAN ?
I see online all models without wifi are very expensive.
the license is very expensive too, you are providing copy software and charging like original software.
Replied by Jane on Sep 22, 2017
This version only support USB connection. We offer copy software.
by Mr.jose luis garcia on Jul 8, 2017
How much does the license cost to use this equipment with GM? I can use it on several machines the same equipment? Thank you
Replied by wangguifen on Jul 9, 2017
Have a good day
The price is 90USD for GM license.
And what machine?What do you mean?
by Mr.stephane on May 14, 2017
does it support dodge chrysler and can you ship it with witech and how much more?
Replied by wangguifen on Jun 14, 2017
Sorry to reply to you too late, sorry, it can't support dodge chrysler.
by stephane on May 12, 2017
can i use wifi version with vxdiag cloud (wifi internet conection)
Replied by wangguifen on May 12, 2017
Yes, it can support colud diagnositc by wifi.
by Mr.Marcin Nastarowski on May 6, 2017
Hi Honda Latest Software Version V3.014 working with 2013-2015 ?
Replied by wangguifen on May 7, 2017
Yes, it can support until 2017.
by Steven Benefield on Apr 18, 2017
Hi,my order number is S/N.VX17041822555 ,i have been waiting for answer on delivery.
Replied by wangguifen on Apr 18, 2017
We have arrange shiping to you. The delivery time is 3-7 working days
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