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(Ship from US) USB Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM / OPEL GDS2 V21.0.01501 / 2020.4 Tech2WIN 16.02.24 Diagnostic Tool

(Ship from US) USB Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM / OPEL GDS2 V21.0.01501 / 2020.4 Tech2WIN 16.02.24 Diagnostic Tool

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VXDiag VCX NANO OBD2 Scanner for GM / OPEL GM Tech2Win and GDS2, It can instead of GM original tool of GM MDI.
2.Compatible with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more

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by Mr.Richter on Feb 27, 2021
Not impressed, software installed fine but came with no license.Still waiting to hear back from support.Windows recognizes the device in device manager so I don't know what the problem is.I see no mention of having to buy the license separately.
Replied by Jane on Mar 1, 2021
Thanks very much for your message, for no license, do you mean the error message of No valid license? If so, it is because you did not use patch to run GDS2 software.
Please use the patch to run directly.
by Mr.Frank Owusu on Feb 18, 2021
I used this to program my new Instrument cluster for my 2000 Trans Am. Worked perfectly, not sure why people are having issues. Does what it says it does, great alternative to an actual Tech II scanner.
by Mr.Tousif Shaikh on Feb 18, 2021
Works nice. Software installed no problem on windows 10 machine. Installed GDS2, Tech2win and then the vx manager. It worked flawless. Within minutes I was able to program a Tehcm in a 2012 Silverado using acdelcotds/SPS.
by Mr.Galasso Gennaro on Feb 18, 2021
It was a challenge installing the software. I'm still learning how to use it, but I managed to use it to program my trunk release switch. There's a lot of learning videos on YouTube. Two thumbs up!
by Mr.Petr Prochazka on Feb 5, 2021
Saved me 185 the dealer was trying to charge me to flash my ecu. Bought this with a 40 dollar ac Delco subscription and updated all the modules in my car for just 140 bucks. Car is super smooth and gear changes are like butter now.
by Mr.Walid Deeb on Feb 5, 2021
This is not for everyone, but if you’re willing to learn it will save you a ton of money compared to other devices. It took me almost a week to get it working with GM TIS2WEB, but it worked well!
by Mr.Sam Harris on Jan 21, 2021
I have one. Works great. I needed it to install/program a new fuel control module. Dealer wanted $275. I bought the VX for $109 and now I have it whenever I might need it.
by reichle on Jan 20, 2021
having issues with the download and getting my vx diag nano for gd2 to work
Replied by Jane on Jan 21, 2021
Here is software link.
Latest vx manager.
by Mr.Anthony Rhodes on Jan 19, 2021
I bought my NANO from vxdiagshop. After about a day of messing with it I now have it running both flawlessly , stick with the USB version as the wireless version is just one more thing to complicate the install . The cable is not bad to use at all.
Tech2win and GDS2 were built to run on a 32 bit Windows 7 machine. 

I was able to get TECH ll Win to run on my Windows 10 64 bit machine.
I never got GDS2 to run in windows 10
So for $109 for the device and another $130 for the cheap laptop trips to the dealer for me or my buddies ...I love it
by Mr.Cliff Shenkel on Jan 19, 2021
I bought the VCX GM setup a year ago after I bought the Corvette C7.  It does just what it says it will do. 

Both Tech2Win ( appropriate for my C6 and 2008 Hummer) and GM MDI (used on the C7 and Chev Cruze) work well. Although not needed yet, I would also like to get it updated with later model years but don't want to risk messing up the installation I already have. I do not use the tool for updates or reflashing, just diagnostics and some service bay tests.

I also have a clone Tech 2 which I find more convenient to use than Tech2Win with a laptop etc - they are nearly identical in function.
by Mr.Barrie Goodland on Jan 18, 2021
My VXDIAG is great . I use mine frequently  for the GDS2 software on my 2010 Camaro SS, only rarely as a Tech2. I have not yet used it for SPS programming but I know it is fully capable and would work without issue. The GDS2 software is an amazing tool for use on the newer cars. I have an electrical issue with my windows on the Camaro. I used the GDS2 to command my windows up/down when troubleshooting.
by Matthew on Jan 15, 2021
Will this device support Air Bag SRS-Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor Re-zero Support for 2015 Chevrolet Traverse?

USB Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM / OPEL GDS2 V21.0.01501 / 2020.4 Tech2WIN 16.02.24 Diagnostic Tool
Thank You,
Replied by Jane on Jan 16, 2021
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, the device can support your car of 2015. But for the function you mentioned, we confirmed with engineer, it needs to perform with online SPS subscription.
by RICHARD COOPER on Jan 14, 2021
I just brought the Nano for GM.How do I get the updated Tech2win.

Thank You
Replied by Jane on Jan 14, 2021
Hello dear
So sorry, but we cannot find your purcahse on our website, would you please contact your seller to get software directly?
by ayaz kiani on Dec 30, 2020
Excellent service. Fast delivery. initially i had issues installing the software so i massage the help line number and they were very fast replying and booked a time for remote login installation. the manage to fix the issue. i am very happy with the service and the equipment.

Thank You
Replied by Jane on Dec 30, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your comment. We are so appreciated for your feedback. It is a pleasure to help to solve problems occurred.  So glad that you have solved the problem and everything works well.
by aris on Dec 23, 2020
Hi ... I bought your vxdiag GM nano installed on a laptop three months ago. Ask me to update the SDK! What should I do ? Can you solve this via TeamViewer ???
Replied by Jane on Dec 23, 2020
For your problem, please download newest vx manager here.

Reinstall the new vx manager, then connect device to laptop, connect laptop to network, open vx manager, click "firmware" to update, after finish, click "restart", "update license".
Then install the following driver
GM VCI Driver:
by Mr.Russell Fisher on Nov 13, 2020
I need to get a replacement CD disk with the latest version of software... The links online are no longer providing usable software.
Replied by Jane on Nov 15, 2020
We tested all links, all can work normally. Besides, since you bought from Amazon, you need to contact your seller to get CD.
by Matt Wheeler on Nov 11, 2020
My license has expired on my VXDiag Nano and I would like a renewal. I am following the instructions on your website -,over%20a%20cheap%20Chinese%20clone.

Device Information:
- VXDiag VCX NANO for GM
- SZSP241
- S/N - N52GM08060

I love your device! Great product.
by Mr.James E WILLIAMSI on Sep 4, 2020
Ive been using this for about 6 months now. I recenty updated to firmware 1.8.0 and now SPS doesnt work. And I need that to work DESPERATELY. EVERYTHING is updated INCLUDING Java. Please help!
Replied by jolly on Sep 8, 2020
Hello Mr.James E WILLIAMSI ,
You could check this blog, it will guide you how to solve it :
by Mr.Patrik Hancar on Aug 29, 2020
the newest VX manager & firmware 1.8.0 is not working with GM GDS2 software. After clicking on icon GDS2 literally nothing happens. It worked fine with old firmware 1.5. Check below video, guy is having the exact same issue and even your support was not able to help via remote.
Replied by jolly on Sep 4, 2020
Hello Mr.Patrik Hancar,
You could check this blog, it will guide you how to solve this problem
by Mr.Rohail Raees on Aug 14, 2020
The one I'm using now is the VxDiag VCX Nano, which also comes with Tech2Win and an altered version of GDS2 which does not require an AcDelco subscription. You will also need a Windows PC (laptop or tablet is a good choice). This allows you to do just about everything except flashing or programming the car's modules with new software updates. If you need to flash a module with a later calibration file, you will need to use the GM version of GDS2 as well as being subscribed to get the new calibration file.

I'm not interested in flashing modules, so the clone version is all I need to do just about everything else such as diagnosing, service bay tests and so on. I own three Tech2 cars and two MDI cars so this setup makes sense for me. The version I use supports GM vehicles through the 2016 model year. I purchased the clone Nano and a refurbished HP laptop for less than $300, which is about what you pay for a Tech2 clone by itself (prices are all over the place these days so look around). If you already have a PC you can use, you can purchase the Nano and the software. 
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