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WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V17.00.020 Compatible with SAE J2534 Free Shipping

WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V17.00.020 Compatible with SAE J2534 Free Shipping

  • Item No. SP245-W
  • Free Shipping

VXDiag VCX NANO Diagnostic Tool for TOYOTA
1.Supports diagnostic tests, programming matching, custom functions, the key matching, etc.
2.Supports the Toyota models including 2005-2021.
3.Support WIFI wireless connection.

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by aka on May 22, 2022
Hello, purchased VCX Nano. trying to install techstream. cannot download ToyotaLauncher.exe without it failing due to a virus detected error.
Replied by Jane on May 22, 2022
The Toyota Launcher is a crack patch file, need to disable antivirus and windows defender before download.
by Mr.Eli Levi on May 11, 2022
I got the VCX Nano WIFI. I received it, I configured it. Thank you for your help. I downloaded version 17 from Techstream. I tried this patch with Techstream version 17 and it works. I ran TS on "my" Prius IV to do a health check, 41 modules to query... I was able to do what I wanted, the Mini VCI I had didn't allow me to do it. As soon as it exceeds a certain number of units, I get an error message. With the Mini VCI, it was limited. With the VCX, it works very well. I am really happy with this cable, and again a big thank you to all those who contributed.
by Mr.Anas Diafi on May 7, 2022
I picked up this unit and paired it with Techstream and easily programmed the new TPMS codes on my 2011 LX570.
by Mr.Brehneht Rojas on May 7, 2022
VXDiag finally arrived. Programmed my fifth TPMS just fine. During programming phase the TPMS light blinked for 5-10 seconds and disappeared. Lexus LX reads all sensors just fine. FYI, the device also comes with a CD that contains Techstream. I haven't tried the CD as I already had Techstream installed. Also, you'll need to download "VX Manager" and use that to update the "license" for VXDiag in order for it to connect to Techstream.
by Mr.Marty Bondango on Apr 5, 2022
I have a wireless VXDiag VCX Nano connector, here's what works for me. It is a bit expensive, but it has good reviews and if you buy the wireless version, you can connect the car to a computer in your garage and you don't have to sit in the car uncomfortably with a laptop.
by Mr.Pawel Szczesny on Feb 28, 2022
It came as described. Product is very good and works very well. Price quality at the top. With WiFi, just like the original product, the perfect product has everything you need! Very supportive and informed! Contact the seller, very patient to help solve the problem, I am very satisfied, very useful to recommend
by Nicholas on Jan 14, 2022
Hi do you have honda and Toyota together. What's the price.
Replied by Jane on Jan 14, 2022
Hello dear
For your need, you can choose vcx se pro, choose 3 car brands, you can choose Toyota , Honda and the 3rd car brand.
by Eric on Oct 21, 2021
The techstream software you provide for Toyota.  Does it require windows 7 32-bit ?

Replied by Jane on Oct 21, 2021
Usually we tested with win7 pro 64bit. But some clients succeed with win10 pro 64bit. You can have a try.
by Mr.Elberth Espinoza on Aug 24, 2021
It's like using the real program it's very easy to use and lots of value for the money
by Mr.Dumitru Fala on Aug 24, 2021
Very handy tool. Runs a little slower than tough book but still very useful
by Mr.Brian Lane on Mar 26, 2021
Hi, I received the wireless VXDiag VCX Nano connector, it works for me. It is a bit expensive, but it has good reviews and with the wireless version, i can connect the car to a computer in the garage and don't have to sit in the car uncomfortably with a laptop.
by Mr.Senad Mustafa on Jan 27, 2021
this is the unit im using and its better than the mini vci cable. software seems smoother with the vcx nano, the mini vci still cause my program to crash a little, using the latest version.
by Eolienne on Jan 20, 2021
hello, i would like a computer with toyota software. i dont know if you can put the vw on it too? and make me a pack? thank you
Replied by Jane on Jan 21, 2021
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, do you need vcx nano Toyota wifi or USB version? You can check on the two pages, and choose one.
by Mr.Tareq Qasem on Jan 3, 2021
best tool
i love it .
but you must make it work without license.
now i have it and license expired and not work.
you must writ that in your discretion
this tools need supscription fee
Replied by Jane on Jan 5, 2021
We already refunded to you yesterday directly. Please check. No need subscription feed.
by Mr.Stuart Bartram on Dec 21, 2020
I am able to read the AHC ECU (And All ECUs for that matter) using the VXDIAG (ebay) OBD-II interface. I also purchased a Mini-VCI cable and was unable to communicate with the AHC ECU, but had no issue reading the other ECUs
by Mr.hushang on Dec 21, 2020
hi Is it possible to add Lexus software to Toyota Diag?
Replied by Jane on Dec 21, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for Toyota techstream software, it can support Lexus directly, no need to activate or add.
by Mr.Ray Lufkin on Oct 16, 2020
Btw, I do not have the WI FI model I have the basic unit Toyota TS.
S/N: N52TL09664
by Mr.Ray Lufkin on Oct 16, 2020
Bought a new unit from you Nano TS for Toyota. Having quite the issue. I can load and run Techstream ok and I can load and run VM manger ok but it will not run the TS patch. I can download the patch but it will not run from the disc it just puts up a black box with the Toyota insignia.
II download TS Patch from the website when I go to run it it than says CONNECT DEVICE. I connect the obd device and then it still will not load just says ok to use device drivers updated. It never puts the Patch folder on the desktop.
How do you install the TS PATCH?
Win 7 laptop all firewalls off all malware shut off
Replied by Jane on Oct 19, 2020
Thanks very much for your message, for the toyota patch, it is named as "Toyota Launcher", you can download here.
Before you download, need to close antivirus and windows defender, otherwise, it would be deleted.
by Mr.Nicholas Henry on Oct 11, 2020
Hi do you have global techstream I need to use this in the Caribbean on Japanese imports only.
Replied by Jane on Oct 12, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for techstream, there is no area limit. When you start software, can choose area correctly.
by Mr.Ray Lufkin on Oct 1, 2020
I bought this unit from you a few years ago. Always worked great. Did not use it for a year now It no longer connects I have tried uploading new software to it but it will not work.
Can you upgrade the software in it for me please? I know it wont be free. Or maybe discount on new device?

Its model:
VCXNANO Powered for TIS

Btw, I always recommend this product on the Prius Car forum called Priuschat. Its alot easier to set up then Mini VCI.

Ray Lufkin
105 North Nimbus Ave
Clearwater. Florida
Replied by Jane on Oct 12, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for your device, you can try as follow, if can make it work.
download newest vx manager here.
To install newest vx manager on win7 system, then connect network, connect device to PC, open vx manager, click "Firmware" to update firmware first.
After finish, please click "restart", then click "Update license".
For new techstream software, you can download here.

Techstream :!SAR3Qa7B!N61Ikd1HKEodTiwpODLXKQ


It is important, need to use the patch to run techstream software. Here is install video.

For a new device, we received your new order and sent to you from US warehouse. If you want to buy next time, can contact us in advance, we will give you a good discount, ok?
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