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Mid-Year Pro WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V15.00.026 Compatible with SAE J2534 Free Shipping

Mid-Year Pro WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V15.00.026 Compatible with SAE J2534 Free Shipping

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VXDiag VCX NANO Diagnostic Tool for TOYOTA
1.Supports diagnostic tests, programming matching, custom functions, the key matching, etc.
2.Supports the Toyota models including 2000-2020.
3.Support WIFI wireless connection.

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by Neuschli Gusztav on Sep 7, 2019
It's more faster than a standard mini VCI cable. Before to use I managed to do a firmware update. WiFi connection also it worked. Tested with a Prius G3

Replied by Jane on Sep 7, 2019
We are so appreciated for your feedback. So glad that it works well for you.
by Tomislav Đakovac on Sep 7, 2019
The order came quite quickly, by vi-fi works, the date sheet is read, does not fly out. Before installing, be sure to disable the antivirus. Good product,recommend!!

Replied by Jane on Sep 7, 2019
We are so appreciated for your feedback. So glad for your satisfaction.
by John on Jul 30, 2019
does your patch work for the new techstream v14.10.028 version?

if not, do you have a method to get the new version working?
Replied by Jane on Aug 1, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but our patch only works with V14.00.018, unable to work with new.
Would you please use our software version directly.?
by James Munyiri on Jun 30, 2019
I have enjoyed vxdiag for Toyota and rate 5/5
Which Nissan tool will you recommend
Replied by Jane on Jun 30, 2019
Thanks very much for your feedback, but so sorry, we do not have tool for Nissan.
by Mr.Milos on Jun 24, 2019
Does it work on Avensis D4D 2004?
I need to perform Yaw rate sensor calibration.
In Techstream 13.xx there is no Avensis model in list of vehicles.
Replied by Jane on Jun 25, 2019
Our software can support toyota models 2000-2018. For the area, you should choose correct the area which the vehicle produced.
by Mitch Hancock on Jun 14, 2019

I am looking to purchase the VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota with WIFI. Will the device allow resetting of the Airbag light on the dashboard? Also, can it diagnose transition issues?

Thank you,
Replied by Jane on Jun 15, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, our vxdiag toyota can support the functions you mentioned. but you may need to have online account yourself, for online programming.
by Punsara Perera on May 19, 2019

1.Would you know if the Toyota Prius Lexus will be able to do without the ABS Air Bleeding and ABS Learn of the 2018 vehicles from 2010?
2. From Toyota Prius Lexus in 2010 from 2018, can you key in key programming?
Replied by Jane on May 20, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but for programming function, you need to have online account yourself.
by Anthony on May 16, 2019
Hi I'm very interested in the vxdiag for Toyota. I am learning about how they work so I no some but not a lot. I have a 2001 Toyota camry and a 2013 Toyota 4runner limited edition. My questions is,
1. Will it work with both my cars.
2. Will it allow me to do general diagnostics like pull obd codes, change customer features (turn off chimes, seat belt reminders, ect)?
3. does it have the techstream software already on the device 9r do I have to pay for the techstream software?
If this is to much to explain and u rather do a video chat let me no and we can do that instead.
Thanks, Anthony
Replied by Jane on May 17, 2019
Thanks very much for your message
1. For the software, it is V14 version, according to the software, it can support toyota from 2000 to 2018. For your 2 cars, can have a test.
2. It support diagnostic functions you mentioned.
3. This one includes software also, no need to buy.
There is no video for new sofware. But easy to install.
by Dorin Abeaboeru on May 9, 2019
When I ordered the product from your site, it was clearly specified there it comes with GTS v14. On the CD I can see just GTS v12.
I have new hybrid Corolla that needs GTS 14 in order for me to be able to connect to it, so how can you provide me the latest version of GTS?
Replied by Jane on May 10, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, are you referrting to the toyota techstream v14 software? If so, please download here.
Techstream 14:!SAR3Qa7B!N61Ikd1HKEodTiwpODLXKQ

Please download and install Techstream V14, then install vx manager. After finish, install the patch file. And Use the patch to open techstream software, it would no need password or activation.
by Mr.arnaldo on Mar 4, 2019
olá, gostaria de saber se você possui versão em portugues ja tem um tempo que estou no aguardo de uma versão do software toyota em portugues, aguardando resposta.
Desde ja grato.
Replied by Jane on Mar 4, 2019
Our software support the same language as official software. You can check the language list of official.
by frank pilih on Feb 28, 2019
Good Morning;

I installed the provided software onto a laptop with Win 10 x64. Installation was installed with NO issues. Plugged in the device into my 2019 Toyota XSE o.b.d. port. Initialized the Techstream software and a connection was immediately made.

Works very well. No. I have not tried a connection via Wi-Fi. At this point I don't really care. Very happy !!
Replied by Jane on Feb 28, 2019
Thanks very much for your feedback, we are so  glad for your satisfaction on our machine.
by branco galindo on Jan 9, 2019
Wonderful interface, works very well as my test. Great worth with such a low price. Award 5 Star!!
by JOHN on Nov 17, 2018

Can you tell me the vxdiag vcx nano for toyota. Will it work on 2011 lexus gx460. Is there anythings I have to get before I can use this. Thank you.
Replied by Jane on Nov 17, 2018
Thanks very much for your message, we confirmed with factory, vcx nano Toyota can support your car, when you receive package, only need to install techstream software, and vxdiag driver to use directly.
by Mr.jay on Nov 12, 2018
Replied by Jane on Nov 12, 2018
So sorry for your problem, but we cannot find your purchase on our website, did you buy from us? would you please tell us your order number?
by Mr.Ditfhong on Oct 10, 2018
Photo Attachment.
by Mr.Ditfhong on Oct 10, 2018
why Problems on VCX wifi?

1.Can't show car models engine code and year by automatic type.

2.Can't display Data list table.

VCX wifi + VX Manager v1.4.2.0927
GTS Techstream v12.10.019
Windows 10 (64bit)

Please support me.

Replied by Jane on Oct 10, 2018
For this problem, engineer said there are following possible reasons.
1. The car information you input manually does not match the correct car info.
2. Your car is special model, would you please change other 12v car models to test? Since some vehicles may occur to this problem.
by BIG on Sep 18, 2018
TOYOTA VXDIAG Wifi version has support on Techstream 13.20.017 and Windows 10 (64bit) or not?
Replied by Jane on Sep 18, 2018
Thanks very much for your message, for our vxdiag toyota, it only come with v13.00 software, for new v13.20.017, need to test by yourself.
We test software on win7 32bit. For win0 64bit, not compatible.
by Mr.jay luke on Aug 13, 2018
Can i use this wifi only and NO cable with TIS Techstream for Diagnostic purposes (no Program)
or must i connect to laptop with the usb cable included?

i want to have a wireless obd connector to use with Techstream for when i am at auction to buy prius. I dont want to connect cable to laptop and then put same cable to OBD plug.

i just want to plug wireless to car OBD port and laptop will get info from wireless OBD no wires.
Replied by Jane on Aug 13, 2018
Thanks very much for your message, for this version, it support wifi connection to PC, not to the car, if want to connect the car, need to connect the obd2 interface to the car directly. Wifi is used to connect the interface to Laptop.
by Mr.Nicholas Buttigieg on Jul 26, 2018
Hi Seller,

Does it read fault codes of Toyota Vitz or Yaris Models YOM 2000?

Replied by Jane on Jul 26, 2018
Thanks very much for your message, the engineer said for your car model, it is too old, only suggest to test, for this machine, better to test models after 2006. If after 2010, would be better.
by ERIC on Jul 6, 2018
Any idea when a Nissan/Infiniti product will become available?
Replied by Jane on Jul 8, 2018
Thanks very much for your message, but so sorry, we are still not sure when will be available for Nissan/Infiniti, if factory release, we will inform you at once.
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