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Mid-Year Pro (Ship from US/Czech) VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS V121 /Mazda V121 2 in 1 Diagnostic Tool Supports Win7 Win8 Win10

Mid-Year Pro (Ship from US/Czech) VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS V121 /Mazda V121 2 in 1 Diagnostic Tool Supports Win7 Win8 Win10

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Ford and Mazda VXDiag VCX NANO for Ford Mazda 2 in 1
1. One device support both Ford and Mazda.
2. Support vehicle 2005- 2018 year.
3. Latest software version: Ford V121, MAZDA V121
4. Shipping From USA Warehouse

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by rivas on May 10, 2021
Hola tengo un problema compre un nano para ford con ids v118 y el cd no contiene la informacion del ids
Replied by Jane on May 10, 2021
Hello dear
For Ford IDS, please use v121.





Ford_Mzd IDS Patch:

by Mr.Stuart Bartram on May 7, 2021
I used a Ford IDS in conjunction with a VXDIAG/VCX NANO device I bought off vxdiagshop to reprogram the PCM and it seems to be working fine now.
by Ossi on Mar 25, 2021



When insalling Ford IDs it gives that error “Testman Runtime System stop working”

I have VXDIAG multibrand system, first time using Ford IDS

How that can solve.

Best Regards
Replied by Jane on Mar 25, 2021
Hello dear
What System did you install for the Ford IDS? do you have other software installed on this laptop? Ford IDS has bad compatibility, unable to install together with other software.
by correia ryan on Mar 22, 2021
Where can I download software FORD IDS for my newly purchased VCX NANO
Replied by Jane on Mar 22, 2021
Hello dear
Here is software link.
VX Manager:



Ford_Mzd IDS Patch:

by Alan Williams on Mar 4, 2021
Hi, You accept bank transfer?
Replied by Jane on Mar 5, 2021
Hello dear
Would you please tell us which country are you located in? because we can only accept bank transfer for some countries.
by Mr.Perttu Murtola on Feb 21, 2021
Tested vcx nano on ECU programming. It is working fine when configured well. Of course for some cars you need online access but that's not a question here.
by Mr.Scott Flynn on Feb 3, 2021
Looking at purchasing one of these for a 2007 Ford Explorer. Installing a new gem module and need to program. Will this item work on module programming?

Thank you
Replied by Jane on Feb 3, 2021
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for the programming function, you need to have programming file or original online account yourself.
by Mr.Ashok on Jan 27, 2021
In this tool we can install new pcm and dow key coding sir
Replied by Jane on Jan 27, 2021
Thanks very much for your message, for the function you want, you need to have original online account yourself.
by Mr.Ashok on Jan 27, 2021
How much year warranty
Replied by Jane on Jan 27, 2021
We offer one year warranty for this device.
by Mr.Matteo Cantarella on Jan 4, 2021
I'm using a VCX nano to update a fiesta 1.5 tdci PCM calibration,
the update process fails every time because IDS says that BCM has wrong VIN, any idea on how to solve the problem?

Replied by Jane on Jan 5, 2021
Hello dear
Would you please tell us your order information? since we cannot find your purchase on our website.
If yes, please send photos or video to show more details of the problem and process? we will send to show engineer to check.
by Mr.Scott Ford on Dec 2, 2020
i tried the my vx nano / ford IDS on win7, using software 118, I can connect to car, read the codes, read the parameters, I can even program PCM.  its a good buy. 
by Mr.John Stone on Dec 2, 2020
Good work, very excited to use!
by Cristi Negrescu on Nov 21, 2020
I have such an interface and my ford mazda license expires on 31.12.2020. It was bought in my country several years ago. What can I do to extend my license after 31.12.2020? I have the interface series but I don't have an order number.
Replied by Jane on Nov 22, 2020
Hello dear
For your license problem, when it approaches to 2020-12-31, you can download newest vx manager here to install again for every software system.

After install, connect your PC to network, connect the vxdiag device to PC, click "Fimrware" to update firmware and firmware doip to newest. After finish, please click "Restart", then click "Update license" to renew.
by Mr.Erv Jones on Nov 8, 2020
HI I purchased the vxdiag nano for Ford and mazda, it came with two discs for both v117, tried loading, but keeping getting error with 'inetallscripts unicode error ', tried anotger pc same result, Iam running Windows 7 32 bit
Replied by Jane on Nov 8, 2020
Would you please tell us your order information? since we cannot find your purchase on our website.
by Mr.david friedman on Aug 21, 2020
question, installed 118 as per instructions.
1st vehicle I hooked it up to gave me an error.
it sees vehicle, says exactly what the vehicle is. but then it pops up saying
"There was a problem gathering vehicle data. The vehicle may have entered Battery saver mode. To correct the problem, make sure the ignition is ON and the battery is fully charged or connected to a charger. To try again, start a new session."
the battery if fine, fully charged, ignition is on, it displays vehicle type and Vin.
Replied by jolly on Aug 28, 2020
Hello Mr.david friedman,
With your email,we did not find your order on our site, may i know where did you buy from ?
Best regards,
by Mr.Nicholas Campbell on Aug 6, 2020
The backyard mechanic now can have full dealership diagnostics

this is not for someone with little computer skills, however it could be easier if the company made better instructional videos. The first problem I had was that the patch they link to for ids118 is an outdated patch, and they do supply a patch that works I just had to find it. Secondly I did end up having to run in inside a windows 7 virtual machine because the ids and vx nano were not communicating on windows ten. I now have full diagnostics and have reset my ford pats and programmed new keys.
by Zachary Renteria on Jul 29, 2020
Hi,does it support Frebch?
Replied by Shirley on Jul 29, 2020
Hi Dear,
It can support these languages: 
Best regards,
by Mr.Lucio Guimaraes on Jun 10, 2020

I was wondering if the pat2 function works for vehicles 2015
Replied by jolly on Jun 19, 2020
Hello Mr.Lucio Guimaraes,
Usually, it can work, you could have a try
Best regards
by Mr.Jihndiag on May 28, 2020
Great unit, vxnano. Works well in VMware old ids 101. Works well native 114.
I can not get 117 patch to run. Says “please connect device” but device is connected. Occasionally will come up with script in Chinese saying can not install or run ids.exe from rar.
I have had help via team viewer and was told “your computer slow download software”
Please help? Anyone?
Replied by jolly on May 30, 2020
Hello dear
We sugguest you to change another computer to install software again,if you need any help,please contact us via
Best regards
by Mr.Roberto Merlin on May 20, 2020
i have win 10 64 bit and it works fine without any problems with ids 117
Replied by jolly on May 30, 2020
Hello Mr.Roberto Merlin
Thank you for your nice feedback,if you need any help,please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
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