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(Ship from US) VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS V117 /Mazda V117 2 in 1 Diagnostic Tool Shipping

(Ship from US) VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS V117 /Mazda V117 2 in 1 Diagnostic Tool Shipping

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Ford and Mazda VXDiag VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda 2 in 1
1. One device support both Ford and Mazda.
2. Support vehicle 2005- 2018 year.
3. Latest software version: Ford V117, MAZDA V117
4. Shipping From USA Warehouse, 2 days arrival.

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by Mr.Jihndiag on May 28, 2020
Great unit, vxnano. Works well in VMware old ids 101. Works well native 114.
I can not get 117 patch to run. Says “please connect device” but device is connected. Occasionally will come up with script in Chinese saying can not install or run ids.exe from rar.
I have had help via team viewer and was told “your computer slow download software”
Please help? Anyone?
Replied by jolly on May 30, 2020
Hello dear
We sugguest you to change another computer to install software again,if you need any help,please contact us via
Best regards
by Mr.Roberto Merlin on May 20, 2020
i have win 10 64 bit and it works fine without any problems with ids 117
Replied by jolly on May 30, 2020
Hello Mr.Roberto Merlin
Thank you for your nice feedback,if you need any help,please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
by Beycan on Apr 15, 2020
Worked perfectly fine. I used this for some reprogramming and calibration on my 2008 Escape. Setup was slightly arduous, but I didn't run into any problems. Much cheaper than having to go to the Ford dealer.
by Mr.Jürgen on Apr 5, 2020
Kann Mazda IDS V117 und Ford IDS V117 au den gleichen Computer installiert werden ohne VM ware? Wie kann ich dann zwischen Mazda IDS und Ford IDS wechseln?

Replied by Jane on Apr 6, 2020
For the Ford, Mazda IDS, cannot install on vmware, need to install on win7 system directly, they cannot install on the same PC.
by Mr.Damien T Wilburn on Apr 3, 2020
Ive got IDS version v114 working. But when i try to install v116 i get an error when running the patch. "failed, Please try again 3". Ive even fresh installed windows 10 & V116 using the correct files and process on my dedicated latop and still end with same error. Is v117 comming soon?
Replied by Jane on Apr 6, 2020
For V117 Software, it has come out, here is software link.





Need to install the software on win7 system, cannot use win10.

by Mr.Robert Patrick on Mar 14, 2020
When do you expect to update the VCX software to be used with IDS 117?
Replied by Jane on Mar 18, 2020
For IDS V117, the factory engineer is still working hard to crack v117 version, but not finish yet.
by Per Hägglund on Mar 13, 2020
Hello, I have VXdiag Ford. And software Manager want to update VCI and IDS V117. Is it OK or should I avoid it.
Replied by Jane on Mar 13, 2020
Our software have not updated to V117 yet. Please use V116 directly.
Follow the video to install.

Installation is the same as v112

by George on Mar 6, 2020
Dear Sir:

I've installed FDRS on my computer. I want to know If adapter VCX Nano
works on FDRS. Appears a utility "Configure J2534" when FDRS installing.
So you can choose AllScanner - VXDIAG between other options (VCM II,

Can we use this VCX Nano on FDRS now? Do you have test? Works well?

Waiting your regards

Replied by Jane on Mar 7, 2020
Thanks very much for your message, but sorry, our device cannot work with FDRS.
by Mr.Sarunas on Mar 3, 2020
Hello,can this tool program ccm from another car,becouse original module is broken after accident, thanks
Replied by Jane on Mar 4, 2020
The device can support programming module. But need to use online account, you need to have online account yourself.
by Stefen on Feb 27, 2020
works great . had a bit of trouble communicating with windows 10 but manage to get it working
by Mr.Saeed on Feb 26, 2020
I'm thinking of buying VXDIAG VCX NANO for ford< but I have some questions:
- does your software for ids support online programming for modules?
- if not, can i use your VXDIAG VCX NANO device on original Ford IDS program (with legit subscription) as pass through j2534 and use online programming.
- if i buy VXDIAG VCX NANO an older software maybe 114 version without upgrading to new 116, will still Ford Ids works well without updating software?

Replied by Jane on Feb 26, 2020
1. Our software support online programming, but you need to have online account yourself.
2. Our vcx nano Ford can work with original ids software, but need to install vxdiag driver.
3. Need to use v116 software. But cannot update from 114 to 116 directly.

by Mr.J Bennett on Feb 24, 2020
Hi I recently bought this I also downloaded the latest calibration files for ford IDS do these files need to be saved in a specific folder ?
Replied by Jane on Feb 24, 2020
Would you please tell us your order information? since we cannot find your purchase on our website. For our software, newest is v116, only need programming patch to do programming, no need calibration.
by JASON DANVERS on Feb 14, 2020
Hi, do you have to run the IDS patch each time before using the IDS software or do you just select the IDS desktop shortcut after the first use ?
Replied by Jane on Feb 14, 2020
For the IDS software, need to run the IDS patch, use the patch to open IDS, cannot run IDS directly.
by Ivan on Feb 14, 2020
Me podrías pasar también el software de Ford la vercion más nueva por qué no e podido diagnosticar vehículos Lincoln Navigator 2018 y 2019 me aparece que ids
ocupa ford fjds v116
Replied by Jane on Feb 14, 2020
Here is software link for you.


by Mr.Kyle on Jan 11, 2020
Was working well with v114. Upgraded to v116 and now IDS doesnt recognize the VCI.
Replied by Jane on Jan 12, 2020
For the software V116, did you download V116 software from us? Or update by yourself?
Only can use software from us, unable to update directly.
Here is software link, please download again and reinstall.






by Alex on Jan 10, 2020
Great item for the price. Works as described by seller.

I baught this scan tool in order to do work on a project 2005 F150. I have many Scan tools for work from the autel ms 908 to snap on Modi's, but dealer level Scan tools are a must and this tool delivered 100% satisfaction.

I will be purchasing the other versions from seller and will recommend this tool.
by Lorenzo on Jan 8, 2020
My laptop will not allow me to download the IDS patch. It keeps detecting IDS patch as a virus and cancels download
Replied by Jane on Jan 9, 2020
For IDS Patch, please close antivirus, windows defender,  firewall first before download.
by Robert on Dec 24, 2019
Hello. Can you explain the installation procedure for the Mazda IDS V114 please. The instructions on the CD is not clear. Thank you.
Replied by Jane on Dec 24, 2019
Please check the installation video here.
by William on Dec 18, 2019
some people state weird things about the VXDIAG. It can only read fault codes, you cant reflash, you cant modify....I can tell you what I have done yet (on MK7):

- PATS coding (works)
- enabling second battery (works)
- BCM swap (works)
- Modify BCM with engineering mode of IDS (works) I am very impressed and happy with the VXDIAG, it does everythink my VCM2 did. If you are looking for a IDS capaple diagnosis tool, this thing is DEFINITELY worth looking at it.
by Twirp on Dec 18, 2019
I have a couple of questions about Order Serial No.: VX19121xxxxxxx.
Is the item I ordered compatible with Ford IDS 116.01? The listing when I ordered only said compatible with 114.01, but I see the current item lists compatibility with 116.01.
Replied by Jane on Dec 18, 2019
For the item, it come with V114 Sofware CD, for new version, you can download here.





Ford_Mzd ids patch:!OV4RRC6B!seCWP6UCzOPWEDYlQxZ1iQ


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