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Full Set Lenovo X220 Laptop with 500GB HDD Pre-installed Software for USB VCX NANO Ford/Mazda, JLR or GM/Opel or WIFI VCX NANO Toyota

Full Set Lenovo X220 Laptop with 500GB HDD Pre-installed Software for USB VCX NANO Ford/Mazda, JLR or GM/Opel or WIFI VCX NANO Toyota

  • Item No. SO489-2

Cheap Pack Offer with Lenovo X220 Laptop with 500GB HDD, Choose any one Pre-installed Software from USB vcx nano Ford/Mazda, JLR or GM/Ope, or WIFI VCX NANO Toyota
No need to install, Directly Use when receive.

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by Saul Vargas on Oct 25, 2021
hola!!!! tengo una duda.... este producto de US359 viene listo para ser usado en las marcas que ustedes mencional o hay que comprar adicionalmente otros software?...
Replied by Jane on Oct 25, 2021
Hello dear
This set comes with device with software pre-installed on laptop, ready to use when you receive. No need to buy software additionally.
by Juan Ramirez on May 27, 2021
Hi my name is Juan Ramirez I purchased a set up for Toyota it stop working , wondering if there's any advice on how to get it back up and working thank you in advance, license expired please update VCI message on screen.
Replied by Jane on May 27, 2021
Hello dear
For your problem, you can do as follow.
Please download latest vx manager.
After download, please install the new vx manager.
Then connect device to laptop, laptop connecting network, open new vx manager, click "Firmware" to update, then click "Update license" to renew. 
by Nicholas Henry on Sep 25, 2020
1)Hi does the vxdiag with techstream work on Japanese imports like hybrid Toyota Aqua,Axio,Voxy, Sienta.

2)Do I have to pay for techstream subscription?
Replied by jolly on Sep 30, 2020
Hello dear,
For toyota techstream, it is support toyota series. 
And if you want to do online programming, you need to have original account by yourself. For others function, no need to paid for any extra. 
Best regards,
by Mayra Banda on Jul 27, 2020
Does it support Holden Australia (GM) vehicles?
I have a 2005 model and need Tech2 diagnostics, and hope this can do the job!
by Kenny on Mar 4, 2020
I have the vxdiag and a tablet works fine for tech2win, I got gds2 to run. I get the laptop and hard drive it won't have the bug's I have ran into with gds2 on the tablet.
interesting stuff and cheaper than spending $1000+ on a bosch.
by Brandon on Aug 19, 2019
What operating system is used on the X220 laptop bundles with the vcx nano gm model? Also is tis2000 included or pre installed? Thanks
Replied by Jane on Aug 20, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for the x220 laptop, we installed with windows 7 32bit system.
It includes GDS2 and tech2win software pre-installed. But not including TIS2000.
by John Morrison on Aug 19, 2019
Hello, I was wondering when order #VX19081749586 will ship? Just curious as I need it asap. Thank you very much!
Replied by Jane on Aug 20, 2019
Here is DHL tracking number for your package, 5839331271, Hope you can receive the package soon.
by Kasey on Aug 14, 2019
Hello, I am leaning toward purchasing Item No. SO489-2 (GM VXC NANO with Laptop). would you be willing to provide me with a discount? Thank you
Replied by Jane on Aug 15, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for this set, the price with 5th anni offer, it is lowest price. Would you please tell us your city and zip code? we will check if there is discount for shipping cost.
by Brooks Jenkins on Mar 29, 2019
Dear Sir or Maddam,

I'd like to buy nano pro : Opel, VW, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, BMW.

Could You make some special offer with hard disk or laptop if it necessary.

I've opened a garage and I would like to use You equipment.

Best regards
Replied by Jane on Mar 30, 2019
We have vcx nano pro with HDD for you,
but vcx nano pro does not include Mercedes & BMW. If you want full included, you can choose this one.

For discount price, please tell us your city and zip code, we will check for you.
by Nicholas Howell on Mar 7, 2019
I just wonder for the full set, whether I can get all vcx nano serie or only can choose one like Ford/Mazda?
Replied by Jane on Mar 7, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for this set, only can choose one car brand software to use. As you mentioned, you can only choose Ford/Mazda IDS.
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