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VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054A ODIS V2.0 Support UDS Protocol with Multi-languages(Choose SP238-W)

VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054A ODIS V2.0 Support UDS Protocol with Multi-languages(Choose SP238-W)

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ODIS V2.0 software support Multi-languages.
Support VW, AUDI, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini.
Small size, competitive price.

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by Mr.Alexandru Dostetan on Oct 12, 2018
I am interesting for this product, can you please tell me it this interface support vehicles up to 2018?

Replied by Jane on Oct 14, 2018
Thanks very much for your message, for this vcx nano odis, we only have wifi version now. The wifi version come with new software with OIDS 4.33, based on the software version, it can support models up to 2018 in theory, but only suggest to have a test.
by David on Sep 15, 2016
Hello bought the device but I lost the cd with the drivers.
How I can get them again? Thank you
Replied by wangguifen on Sep 16, 2016
We already stopped selling this product for more than one year, do you refer to its wifi version SP238-W?
Can you offer me your order number first? My email is:
Waiting for your reply.
Best regards
by Mr.Tan on Aug 3, 2016
We are an official VW Audi resselers in France, we are looking for tools that can be replace the Vas5054a. So my question is the VXDIAG can work with the official ODIS 3.1 and support the future update?
Replied by wangguifen on Aug 3, 2016
Hello friend
Our engineer says it supporta to use official odis software, just need to install our driver.
Any question, feel free to contact us.
Best regards
by Mr.Alex C on Jan 31, 2016
Is the product still in testing? Why there are other stores offering it?
Replied by wangguifen on Mar 10, 2016
Hello friend
Sorry for my late reply.
Yes, this product is still in testing. Maybe other stores are not vxdiag products.
Best regards
by Mr.Josh on Jan 16, 2016
Hi. Is this compatible with odis v2.2.4 and v2.2.7?
Replied by wangguifen on Mar 2, 2016
Hello friend
Sorry for the late reply.
This product is being tested and we do not know when it will be in stock again.
Best regards
by Mr.Alexandru s on Nov 6, 2015
Hello.This support Odis E 5.0.14 ?It will be in stock?
Replied by wangguifen on Nov 6, 2015
Hello friend
It will be in stock, but we don't know the exact time. Our factory is testing it. You can have a look at other product on our website.
Best regards
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