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New ALLSCANNER VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BMW and BENZ With 1TB Hard Drive for BMW/BENZ 2 in 1

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2 VXDIAG Benz & BMW: Hardware with HDD
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Product Description

ALLSCANNER VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BMW and BENZ With 1TB Hard Drive
1. Support BMW and BENZ
2. VXDiag support add more original software in feature
3. Comes with 1TB Hard Drive BMW & Benz 2 in 1

New VXDiag MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BMW & BENZ

Highlights of VXDiag Multi for Benz & BMW:
1. Support BMW, BENZ
2. VXDiag supports to add more original software, just need to buy car brand authorization license for the vxdiag multi device. Already released original software authorization for GM, Ford, Mazda,Toyota, Honda, LandRover, Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo, VW, etc. 
3. With the innovation design of OBD II intelligent bus protocol routing hardware, a diagnostic plug can be intelligent identification test all  models, fully meet the future  demand for all kinds of bus communication
4. VXDiag Multi Diagnostic Tool can compatible with original BMW and BENZ software if you have, we also provide software Hard disk which can compatible with CF-30 and THINKPAD T420 laptop.( at least 4GB memory)
5. Hardware support 4-way CAN BUS and 2-way K - Line/L-Line, support multi-protocol high-speed and concurrent communication
6. Support DOIP Protocol 
7. Comes with 1TB Hard Drive, 
The HDD tested ok on laptops like LENOVO T420 T440. Suggest to test on laptops above.
8. VXDIAG VCI does not need a power supply unit for external power supply.
9. VXDIAG VCI multiplexer with a small, sturdy construction (no PC core, battery, fan, or display)

VXDIAG Benz Software: 2023.09

BMW software: ISTA-D 4.39.20, ISTA-P 68.0.800
1.VXDIAG for BMW function introduction
The new BMW software can perform programming and coding for all BMW E/ F/ G series cars. Same as BMW ICOM A1 / A2 / A3, ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 supports all BMW software and is good at fiber programming. 
The main diagnostic software includes: 
BMW ISTA-D (Diagnostic);
BMW ISTA-P (Programming) 
BMW Group ISPI (the fourth generation of BMW diagnostic software client);
E-SYS (Engineer Software for F series, available for programming, coding, Chinesization, realize hidden functions, advanced features);
WINKFP (for E series: programming, upgrade and downgrade);
Tool32 (enter key, import codes, delete certification, advanced features of BMW series);
INPA (read vehicle information, diagnosis, read and clear trouble codes);
BMW Coding (for E series: import data, change the code or realize hidden functions);
KSD2 (offer full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming);
NCS-Expert tool (for E series: set codes, realize hidden functions and change settings);
BMW software includes the engineer version, which is the quick and easy diagnostic programming and coding system that German BMW engineers are using. The system is designed in English and German. The Engineer version is so practical and powerful that it can achieve professional features which all the original professional computers can realize, can change the language into Chinese through the OBD port for import cars (Europe regulation cars, the United States and the United States, Africa, etc.). Features mainly include: diagnosis, programming (incl. programming one module only), coding, realize hidden function, new features activation, the module system update.
Following functions can be activated based on the existing configuration model: 
01 use the button in the cab to close the trunk (electric tailgate), to terminate the reverse operation at any time (available in cars with the electric tailgate)
02 activate the Bluetooth phone function, to automatically play the music inside the phone every time you start the car. (Available in models with a USB port in the armrest box or gear)
03 support audio and video playback via USB cable as well as via iPod. 
04 connect to the phone through the Wi-Fi (mobile phones are required to install software)
05 open the voice recognition function (currently only available in English digital telephone dialing)
06 operate the navigation menu when driving, watch DVD (Even the original car is available with CD, you can also watch DVD)
07 Active internet applications (available in post 2012.09 models with professional navigation, but some unsupported with unclear reasons)
08 immediately fold the rear-view mirror with the remote control (for the original car, owners need to press the lock key for 1.5 seconds)
09 activate gearbox program on the sport cars, at a quicker response for speeding up. But it will cause fault codes in ECU test in the 4S shop. (NOT recommended)
10 effectively prevent rear-end collision because brake lights flash quickly when braking severely (for 3 Series 5 Series, testing)
11 use mobile phone traffic to surf the Internet on iDrive via the phone Bluetooth (not tested yet)
12 adjust the warning speed of changing a lane (available in high-end cars with the rearview mirror with the dead angle warning indicator) (not tested yet)
13 automatically released the handbrake (parking button) when the vehicle is started (testing)
14 add the lane departure system and roadside warning identification function (available in optional cars with front cameras) (not tested yet)
15 L7 around Sound Pro
Personalized Customization
1. Set Seat Belt Alarm time (second/sec)
2. Disable passenger Seat Belt Alarm 
3. Disable driver Seat Belt Alarm
4. Set the engine on/off status the same as that before the ignition off or the default status off.
5. Set the central lock automatically unlock when ignition off
6. Set Fuel Economy Mode as default mode after ignition on
7. Enable roll up window when open car door
8. Enable the option of DRL (Day Running Lights) on or off. 
9. Set Highlight auxiliary and intersection traffic light “Automatic”
10. Enable to adjust DRL brightness (the default factory setting is brightest)
11. Set fog light turn on while headlight is on
12. Enable to Lock/Unlock sound  and adjust the volume 
13. Enable auto close sunroof when raining (May lead to initialize sunroof, it will work only after ignition on for 10 seconds, not very effective.)
14. Set windshield wiper Back in place when ignition off
15. Set sunroof automatically close in a tilted state (It needs to initialize sunroof)
16. Set the turn signal light on/off times (F30)
17. Enable CIC menu display CI version
18. Three Bluetooth phone rings available
19. Enlarge phone number and text storage (25 to 50) A/C (Automatic Air Conditioning)
20. Set indoor internal circulation memory the same as that when the ignition off last time.
21. Set air conditioning memory the same as that when ignition off last time. 
22. Display engine output power and torque on navigation screen
23. Cancel home screen boot delay confirm message
24.  Cancel rear view camera statement when reversing
25.  Display available gas station on navigation
26. Display speed limit info (Need hardware support)
27. Display engine torque menu
28. Auto headlight
29. TPMS
30. Display tire pressure and temperature (Need hardware support)
31. Adjust mile to kilometer
33. GPS time synchronization
34. Dashboard stimulate instant fuel consumption: change from 20 to 30
35. Enable dashboard light on always 
36. Enable dashboard light always on at night (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
37. Enable dashboard light always on at daytime (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
38. Enable dashboard lights turn grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
39. Enable dashboard lights turn orange or grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
40. DS Mode display current shift from S1 to S7
41. Set Head-Up Display (Navigation map distance and turn signal, etc.) (Need hardware support)
42. PDC reversing radar is changed vertically and horizontally
2.VXDIAG for BENZ function introduction
Benz software include two versions of PASSTHRU & PDU,including DAS,Xentry software.Version of PDU support new car models of 222,213,205 etc,other car models need to usepassthru version to diagnose. Not support old models of 210,203,220 with K-Line communication. It support connections of WIFI,LAN and USB.
Product Features:
Engines (All Gasoline & Diesel Systems)
Transmissions and Electronic Selector Modules
Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems
Traction Systems: ESP / ASR / ETS / ABS / BAS / SBC braking systems
Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) / Airbag, All body modules OCP / UCP / LCP / SCM / SKF / KFB / RCM / DCM’s
Drive Authorisation System
Sam (Signal Acquisition) Modules
Electronic Ignition System (EIS)
Pneumatic System Equipment and ATA functions
Air Conditioning / climate control Systems
Instrument Cluster
Diesel Particulate Filter
Tyre Pressure Control
Parktronic System
Keyless Go
D2b Command & Audio Gateway (D2B and MOST networks)
TV Tuner
Headlamp Range Adjustment
Seat Electronics
Rvc, RST & Vario Roof modules
Automatic Clutch System ACS
M-Class Body Modules (AAM / EAM / DAS / SEM / VG Transfer Case)
Assyst & ASSYST + systems
VXDIAG for BMW and BENZ Packing List:
1pc x OBD cable 
1pc x USB cable
1pc x network cable
1pc x 1TB hard drive

Contact information:

Email: Sales@VXdiagShop.com
Skype: VXdiag.com
Whatsapp: 0086-18064450969
If you need any after-sale techinical support, you can inquiry this number: 008618813687743

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. If your shipping method is fast shipping, please kindly give us your phone number for shipping.


Tech Support

Here’s FAQ list of VXDIAG Multi Tool for Benz and BMW with HDD.  Keep updating…


Q: What computer requirements do i need to use this? does this package have everything i need to work on a Mercedes sprinter. 

A: The vxdiag multi diag software  is compatible with Original factory function.

Computer Require: Win7 System, 32bit, I5CPU 4G RAM.
Because Antivirus software is not allowed to install this software, please shut down or uninstall the antivirus software before you install software.

Q: Can I setup 2018.12 VXDIAG Benz C6 software on windows 7 32bit o/s?

A: Yes, you can. 

Q:  I have the original Xentry OpenShell but not the Passthru version, can i use the open shell with your device?

A: Yes, no problem. 


Q: VXDIAG Benz supports DoIP models as well??

A: Yes. VXDIAG Benz supports DoIP vehicles.

Q:  Does VXDIAG Benz work with HHT-WIN software?

A:  No. VXDIAG Benz is not compatible with HHT software. 

Q: Does VXDIAG Benz support vediamo software?

A: Sorry, VXDIAG Benz doesn’t work with vediamo.


Q: Does VXDIAG Benz support DTS Monaco software?

A: Yes. it does.


Q:Hi can this device clean and programming used pcm for bmw and Benz for example edit vin number and programming used pcm from another car


1,  Yes,it will do that function, but Benz need online account, bmw don’t need online account, we don’t provide online account, you need to purchase on benz websites.
2, It does not work on all BMW or Mercedes models. You need to provide with your detail model and type.


Q:hi,I running a car repair workshop… looking a good scanner for mercedes and bmw Japanese car (What would be the best one?)

A:YES, suggest this scanner: VXDIAG BMW Benz Multi Tool 2-in-1

Type: Mercedes-Benz, SMART, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz bus
Software name: DAS/XENTRY (supports new Mercedes-Benz online, DAS system offline programming
Support for the year: 2005.1-2017.12
Models: BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce
Software Name: ISTA-D/ISTA-P/Engineer (support programming)
Support for the year: 2004.1 – 2017.12


Q:does this recode immobilizer as well as keyassys?

A: Immobilizer and key programmer is the same function. Yes, VXDIAG for benz and bmw supports this function


Q:this is dealer software correct? no need for a paid subscription to flash modules?

A: No need to pay for anything. Dealer software is correct.
One Year warranty, One year update free.


Q:Will this tool work on my 2003yr c32amg mercedes benz

A:Sorry, it can not.


Q:I have a 2006 ML500 (W164) will this work for that vehicle ?

A:Yes, it can work on 2006 ML500 (W164)


Q:do I need specific type of laptop to make this work or any laptop with enough speed and memory will work?

A: Computer Requirement: Win7 System, 32bit, I5CPU 4G RAM.


Q:Does this device perform scn coding for mercedes 2009 sl class?



Q:What do you mean by “authorization”? Does that man I’d be getting the actually software for each manufacturer?

A:Yes, Supports authorization add software : HONDA, GM , VW, FORD MAZDA, jlr , toyota, volvo, bmw. You can add any of these software after payment.


Q:can it do retrofitting for bmw e series?

A: this tool is compatible with original BMW software. It is a diagnostic tool, supporting diagnostic coding , programming.


Q:also i am assuming there is no online coding capabilities? 

A: VXDIAG Mercedes and BMW can do online coding , only if you have benz or bmw account.


Q:I assume you cannot perform any coding since you are using Xentry via pass-through interface. Am I correct?

A:if you want to coding, you need to have a online account, you can purchase from official website.


Q:does it perform online or offline SCN coding for Mercedes cars?

but we did not include online account, you are support to get online account from Official website.


Q:I have a 2016 c300 w205 model, can i get the start/stop default deleted and the open ventilation default stopped? can i clear the check engine light?

A:Yes. It can work for 2016 c300 w205. If the function need online coding, you should have online account.


Q:I have a 2001 c240 4matic this product is compatible with my car?

A: No.


Q:Does this work with 2003 S430?

A:Yes, it can work for 2003 S430.


Q:I have a Mercedes benz r350 2008, i need to program a new module of the transmission this equipment can do it

A:Yes, this scanner can do it.


Q:Can this VXDIAG Benz scanner use for w205 like mb star c4 tool that can be used with the mercedes benz website for repairs and change of parameters, start/stop?

A:YES, it can.


Q: D0 I have difficultly in installing the hard drive?


Follow steps below to setup software HDD.
1, The HDD with software is included in the package.  Please setup HDD in two separate computers, cannot install two HDD on one computer together.
2, After plug in computer, start computer, please select HDD format [AHCI], if you don’t know how to select, please contact seller again.
3, Coding and Programming need online account, we don’t provide online account, suggest check the fee and purchase on Benz official website.
4,Please shut down the Anti-virus software before install.

5, Install software on computer maybe is challenge for you, We provide remote association help by teamviewer app.


Q: Must I use the Levono T420 laptop come in the bundle package?

A:  You can use these laptops: T420 T440 X201,DELL E5420 E6420,CF53 54 31.


Q: I have activated the VXDIAG BENZ WIS/EPC software, after activation, it says expires 12/5/2018? Should I activate WIS everyday?

A: WIS/EPC need activation once only. Don’t need activation again If you neither change laptop date nor change laptop.


Q: Does VXDIAG Benz support MB W212 MY2015?

A: Yes. It does.


Q: How to activate software of VXDIAG Benz?

A: Check video guides on Video column. 

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