Shipping Policy of cooperate with the following express companies and we get lowest shipping cost from them.
Delivery Options Delivery Time Tracking Website
DHL 5-10 workring days
EMS 9-15 workring days
UPS 5-8 workring days
TNT 5-8 workring days
Fedex 5-8 workring days
Ywen Express 9-15 working days
China Post 10-18 working days can ship the goods all over the world.
Shipping cost depends on the package weight, sizes and area. In addition, different ship company will also influence the shipping cost.
We always advance you to choose: the most suitable for you which means the best one for your demands not only on delivery time but also on price.
The shipment method you choose can influence the shipping cost and time.
If the item is damaged, stolen etc. We will contact the corresponding shipping company for a refund or redelivery.

About Custom & Import Tax:

It is every buyer's duty to pay for custom tax when he purchase goods from other countries.
However if you need to save custom tax, please email to us to tell us how much value you need put on invoice. we will help you to paid for less duty.
Besides, We have US/EU warehouse, a few products can ship from oversea warehouse. Ship from US/EU,No need Tax!

Handling time:
After we receive order, Usually, need to take 48-72 hours to proceed your order. if meet weekend, handling time will be delay more 48 hours.

1. <$150 (item value) →  Post Service; > $150(item value) → Express Shipping 

If your order amount is less than 150 USD, we always send by post service; if your order amount is more than 150 USD, we will always send by express ,most countries will be shipped by DHL.
If you would like to change the shipment method ,please email to 

2. To help you save custom tax, parcels to French, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and other Europe countries ,we will recommend YANWEN  .

Delivery time is 9-15 days.

Here are the details: YANWEN special line to Spanish, Portugal, Czech Republic and other Europe countries.
YANWEN special line to France
YANWEN special line to Spanish
YANWEN special line to Portugal
YANWEN special line to Czech Republic
and YANWEN to other europe coutries

Advantages of YANWEN Shipping:
(1) It is easy to finish the customs clearance
(2) Low customs duty,for some country,no need tax.

3. Russia, Belarus, etc.→ EMS or CDEK are available for these countries.

4. Brazil,Argentina→you should offer your CPF No. (tax No.) if you would like your package to be shipped by DHL, UPS, TNT or Fedex. But you can choose EMS, Singapore post or Yanwen ePacket if you don't have CPF No.

EU/US Overseas Warehouse
We have EU/US warehouse, a few products can ship from oversea warehouse. Ship from EU/US, No need Tax!
(1) US only support US address.
(2) EU warehouse can support the European countries. For European Union Countries, no need tax.