Transfer VXDIAG VCX NANO License to VCX PLUS

Good news to customers new and old! VXDIAG VCX NANO/VCX Pro (small devices) license can be transferred to VCX PLUS Multi Tool (big devices).

Vxdiag Nano License Transfer To Vcx Plus


1) Post your vcx nano/vcx pro and vcx plus with Serial Number in a same photo and send it to us

2) We need to confirm all are your devices, so we can help transfer license to vcx plus S/N.

i.e add vxdiag nano gm gds2/tech2win license to vcx plus (don't need to purchase GM license anymore)

3) Once the nano license is added to the multi tool, there will be no license in nano devices.

4) You cannot transfer vcx plus license into vcx nano because nano is a single make scanner. 



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