VXDIAG Benz X-ENTRY Update to 2019.5 & Benz C6 Driver Update

New Update for VXDIAG BENZ C6

VXDIAG Benz X-ENTRY Software update to 2019.5. All users with old HDD, can return HDD to us to get new software. Or buy new Software HDD directly.

VXDIAG BENZ C6 DoIP and Driver Update

New DoIP V1.5.3 Version:

1. Fix Benz D-A-S Quick test suspen and cannot be completed (Right rear seat display)
2. Fix BENZ Caesar device connection icon lock status
3. Fix BENZ Caesar debug protocol add Lifesign information
4. Mod Device log file path

New BENZ C6 Driver Update V3.0.10.513

1. Fix X-ENTRY software was abnormally crashed when diagnosis 204/212 and other models (Error message: OpenJDK has stopped working)
2. Fix X-ENTRY Identify Fin failed after test multiple times