VXDIAG Diagnostic Software Download

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VXDIAG Diagnostic Tools Software Download

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Update Log:

2021.05.11 VXDIAG Benc C6 VCI driver
ISTA\D4.28 BMW_ICOM_4.28 firmware update patch

2021.06.02 JLR VCI Software (JLR)- patch

2021.06.15 Benz XentryPatch202106.exe VCI Client patch

2021.6.23 IDS (Ford/Mazda) update to V122

2021.7.6 Update JLR DoIP VCI Driver v3.2.1.702 to solve CCF and programming failure

2021.7.8 Update VCX DoIP Firmware to V1.8.1


UPDATE: Support BMW ISTA-D 4.29 new version.

UPDATE: Integrate and update other software packages.

2021.8.11 Toyota Techstream Update to V16.20.023

2021.09.10 Ford Mazda IDS software update to V123

2021.11.23 VXDIAG GM GDS2 Update to V22.2.03302 (V2021.04)

2021.12.13 VXDIAG Ford Mazda IDS Update to V124

2021.12.24 VCX SE VW 6154 Driver v3.3.2.211224

Fix: Solve Engineering 14 software windows blink problem
Fix: Solve the problem that some models are stuck during diagnosis

2021.12.28 VXDIAG Benz C6 Driver V2021.12 NEW
Update: Xentry Diagnosis 09/2021 and 12/2021 new version support
Update Support S223/C206 new DoIP model
Fix: FixA77 DoIP control failed

vxdiag benz c6 driver update

2022.02.07 VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 V2022.01 NEW
2022.03.07 VXDIAG Toyota Techstream V17.00.020 NEW
2022.04.06 VXDIAG Ford and Mazda IDS V125 NEW
2022.04.25 VXDIAG DoIP Firmware Update to V1.9.0 NEW

2022.05.11 VX Manager V1.8.8 NEW

VX Manager

Current Version: V1.8.8 Build 0511 NEW

UPDATE: 2022-05-11


VX Manager 1.8.8 Mega Link

VX Manager 1.8.6 Mega Link

Free Download VXDIAG VCX Firmware Reset File

VXDIAG VCI Drivers (2021 New)

VCX 6154 Driver .exe for VCX SE 6154
Ford VCI Manager driver
Mazda VCI driver
Benz VCI Manager
GM VCI Manager
JLR VCI Manager
VW ODIS VAS 6154 Driver
VX Manager 1.8.1


BMW USB Driver
(Please Install [VX Manager] & [BMW USB Driver] for BMW Cloud Diagnostics)

BMW_ICOM_4.28 Firmware Update Patch (for ISTA+ 4.28)

Jaguar & Land rover SDD

JLR DoIP VCI Pathfinder Software Patch (JLR)- (2021.06.02)

Latest JLR SDD V162

JLR Pathfinder V263 for VCX-DoIP


Free Download SDD Patch for VXDIAG JLR

Subaru 2022.01 SSM3 SSM4 Software Download (NEW)

Subaru SSM3 2018.10:

Free Download Subaru patch

Ford & Mazda IDS

VXDIAG Ford IDS Software V125 (NEW)

VXDIAG Mazda IDS Software V125 (NEW)

Ford_Mazda IDS Patch

Ford IDS Extend Programming Patch download


Toyota Techstream V17.00.020 Software Download

Toyota Techstream V16.20.023 Software Download

Toyota Techstream V15. 00.026 Software Download

Techstream Patch

Honda HDS

VXDIAG Honda HDS Software Link

VXDIAG Volvo Software Link

Patch (2021 New)


VXDIAG GM 2020.07 GDS2, Tech2win and VX Manager 2021-04

VXDIAG GM GDS2 Software Link 2021

GDS2 Patch (2021.3.1)

VXDIAG GM Tech2Win Software Link 16.02.24


(2021-06-15) VXDIAG Benz patch XentryPatch202106.exe

Free download vxdiag update_doIP.exe

(The Update_DoIP tool is used when you failed to update VXDIAG Benz C6 firmware to v1.5.3 or above.

That is because your VXDIAG C6 firmware is too old. You need to download the update tool to update it to version 1.5.3 first.

Then auto update it to newer version (latest V1.5.4 till May 2019) in VX Manager. )


Software 7.1.1

2TB HDD VW 9.1.0 Unlimited Trail Patch