Force Sensor Calibration Mode in Subaru SSM3

Why require a Force Sensor Calibration?

After EPB actuator assembly installation is complete (address DTC C0251), the Force Sensor Calibration Mode must be performed with the Subaru Select Monitor following the procedure.

Subaru Select Monitor (SSM-III) is required for the Force Sensor Calibration Mode.
Make sure to perform this procedure with the vehicle parked in a horizontal place and to use wheel chocks.


When the following work is performed, use this function to perform calibration of force sensor in the parking brake actuator.
-Removing the parking brake assembly
-Replacing the electronic parking brake control module
-Adjusting the shoe clearance

After replacing the electronic parking brake control module, if the calibration of the force sensor has not yet been performed, the brake warning light will blink and "Force Sensor Line (abnormal) DTC will be detected.
1). Park the vehicle in a horizontal place using wheel chocks.
2). Connect the VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 scanner
3). On Main Menu display, select Each System Check
4). On System Selection Menu display, select Brake Control System
5). Click the OK button after Parking Brake System is displayed
6). On Maintenance Operation Mode display, select Force Sensor Calibration Mode
7). The confirmation screen of vehicle parking condition and wheel chocks usage is displayed. Confirm the parking condition and wheel chocks,. and click the YES button;
8). A message indicating the calibration mode in progress is displayed on the screen, and the Force Sensor Calibration Mode begins.
9). The message "Force sensor calibration done"
Turn ignition switch OFF is displayed on the screen.
Turn OFF ignition to end the calibration mode.