Toyota ID registration failed Error Solved by VXDIAG Techstream

Here’s the working solution if you get an error when using Techstream to write new Toyota TPMS sensor IDs
“ID registration failed due to a communication error with the ECU while in initialization mode.”


Model example:

2015 Land Cruiser, US Model


Possible reason that cause the error:

The issue is the TIS cable.  It is not with the Techstream version, 32 bit or 64 bit operating system on your laptop.



It is with the Mini VCI clone cable. Both firmware versions 1.4.x and 2.0.x will have the same issue. To troubleshoot this I tried Win 7 64 Bit, Win XP, three versions of Techstream, V10, V13, and V14. All had the ID Registration error using four different mini VCI cables, two of each firmware version with at least three different hardware configurations. I think the two 1.4.x cables I had were identical.

The solution to write TPMS IDs using Techstream is to get a VXDiag VCX Nano cable. I got the Toyota specific one from

VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V14.00.018  WIFI Version

This cable reads and writes to the ECU much faster than the Mini VCI cables and writes the TPMS IDs quickly and easily.

Once I got the cable situation sorted, my TPMS sensors were not showing up in Techstream, only my spare which I had moved from position 2 to position 5 in the data list was showing up. So I knew the data was written correctly but the sensors were not reading.
I had ordered the 550-0105 sensors based on Denso’s website listing for a 2015 Land Cruiser.

Pacific PN PMV-C010 came in the Denso box labelled 550-0105

I did some more reading and it turned out there was a VIN split for 2015 but I was having a hard time finding exactly which sensor I needed. I split one of my stock wheels and took out the TPMS. That TPMS had Pacific PN PMV-107J.

I was able to cross Pacific PMV-107J to Denso 550-0103 which is listed for a 2014 Land Cruiser.

Ordered up a set of the 550-0103 sensors. The sensors in the 550-0103 box were labelled PMV-C11A

I dismounted the tires on my Rock Warriors and pulled out the TPMS sensors, swapped the new 550-0103 sensors, wrote the sensor IDs to the ECU using the VCX Nano cable, and immediately saw all 5 TPMS values reported. Life is good again.

Short version:

Mini VCI cables will not write TPMS IDs using Techstream &nD-A-Sh; No matter which firmware. Don’t waste time trying.
2015 Land Cruiser TPMS are affected by a VIN split &nD-A-Sh; easiest way to get the right part number is to pull one tire off the bead and confirm what model of TPMS you have. OtherW-I-Se you can order by VIN from Partsouq or similar but I got a LOT of conflicting information which is why I just dismounted one of my stock take-offs to confirm.