VXDIAG Subaru FlashWrite2 V1.3.4 Review

VXDIAG Subaru diagnostic scanner contains SSM3, SSM4 as well as FlashWrite2 programs. Here we list some information of the FlasjWrite2.


What is FlashWrite?

FlashWrite is the Subarus reflash software. It is the program for the dealer level programming of all car brand Subaru.
You can reflash everything from ECU, TCU, EPB, BIU, Eyesight, Rear View Camera, etc depending on model year and car and what updates are actually available for it.



Current version in vxdiag: V1.3.4


Check FlashWrite2 v1.3.4 download and install on the previous post:

Download and Install 2020.07 VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 SSM4


Run SearchFlashWrite2 on desktop

Vxdiag Subaru Polish 2

FlashWrite menu

Vxdiag Subaru Flashwrite2 1

FlashWrite optional language:  English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Vxdiag Subaru Flashwrite2 4

Vxdiag Subaru Flashwrite2 5

Accessible systems:  Auto Start Stop system, ECM, EPB, EyeSight, HCU, Keyless Entry CM, TCM

Vxdiag Subaru Flashwrite2 2

Supports Subaru model year till 2018

Vxdiag Subaru Flashwrite2 3

Flashwrite is compatible with multiple J2534 adapters, including vxdiag subaru.

Vxdiag Subaru Flashwrite2 6