VXDIAG VCX SE BMW and BMW ICOM Which is Better?

Vxdiagshop here lists some significant differences between the vxdiag vcx se BMW and ICOM next (clone) multiplexer.

vxdiag vcx se vs bmw icom


  • The cost of the vcx se adapter is much lower than icom next, which is of key importance, for example, when buying for personal needs or small car service.
  • The adapter is much smaller than the ICOM while maintaining the baud rate, it can be carried in your pocket.
  • The vcx se does not need different adapters for E and F / G series like ICOM Next
  • VCX SE BMW is compatible with the original I-S-T-A+ (latest version), ICOM Next clone may not.
  • VCX SE does not support Motorcycle, ICOM Next does.
  • VXDIAG uses VX Manager to detect device connection status which is a good idea, ICOM Next does not.
  • VXDIAG can be enabled with DoNet remote diagnosis, ICOM Next cannot.




  • Works with all series E, F, G and I.
  • Performs full vehicle diagnostics, erases errors
  • Encodes factory options
  • Programs all available modules (updates software)
  • Works with Rheingold, ISTA +, ISTA D, ISTA P, E-SYS programs , INPA, WinKFP, Tool32, NCS Expert.
  • Both allow firmware update