VXDIAG VCX SE JLR SDD Pathfinder Login Failed Solution

Problem 1:

Just received the vxdiag vcx se pro with 3 software. We downloaded JLR offline patch which generated user & password.
But Pathfinder software got message below

“Your user name has not been recognized, to use offline you must have previously logged in online on this PC”

Vxdiag Vcx Pro Jlr Pathfinder Error 1

Vxdiag Vcx Pro Jlr Pathfinder Error 2


For the username and password, it is the offline patch for JLR SDD, not Pathfinder.
For Pathfinder, you need to register original online account from TOPIX.


Problem 2:

Tried username and password on jlr sdd as you mentioned but did not work, see attached picture

“Login failed.

A valid user ID and password are required to login to the system.”

Vxdiag Vcx Pro Jlr Pathfinder Error 3



For JLR SDD, need to run offline patch.  Rather than input the username and password directly.
Please download offline patch here.
SDD Patch
Run patch to start SDD, then enter user name and password.

Customer feedback:
Deleted patch, reloaded patch and jlr sdd now working so now all working upto scanner.  We have test approx third of car brands and all working perfectly.