VXDIAG VCX FD Hardware J2534 Passthru Only without Car License

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Product Description

VXDIAG VCX CAN FD main unit without car license.
VXDIAG VCX FD Hardware J2534 Passthru Only without Car License

VCX-FD is an intelligent vehicle diagnostic interface designed by Autocar, representing the next generation of diagnostic technology. The product adopts a newly upgraded dual core high-speed processor, which fully supports multi-channel CAN-FD/DoIP and traditional diagnostic protocols, and is compatible with more original diagnostic software. VCX-FD also supports local and super remote dual-mode diagnosis, providing users with an excellent diagnostic experience.

Highlights for VCX FD Hardware:
  • Firmware/License: Free update
  • USB, WiFi, USB Type C, LAN and DoNET optional connection
  • Support DOIP and CAN FD
  • Functions: Diagnostic/programming/coding
  • Item type: obd2 scanner
  • Support offlince coding, remote diagnosis
  • SAE J2534 Passthru for OEM online programming (need online account) 
  • Compatible with OEM diagnostic software
  • Customize car license for the car brands (coming soon)
  • can be used as J2534 passthru device for pcm-flash, J2534 Hyundai/Kia, bitbox, alexflasher, gromcalc and many other programs. Free to test by yourside. 
  • Free Download VX Manager V1.8.9 Beta for VCX FD
vxdiag vcx can fd vx manager
NOTE: to use VCX FD as J2534 passthru device for online programming, you must have license activated (i.e GM license for Techline Connect SPS2)
vxdiag vcx fd unit feature 1
VXDIAG VCX FD Unit Specification
  • Dual processor 580MHz + 550MHz
  • Support option 1/2
  • Support CAN FD
  • 802.11n 150Mbps
  • USB Type-C
  • Type C to RJ45
  • OBD-II
  • Software switchable protocol for all pins of OBD
  • Remote support
  • The interface component, adopts quick pull-and-plug technology, is more stable. Because it is tested to be able to pull and plug 10,000 times.
  • With the small size and strong structure, Doip VCX SE is easy to carry. It can update firmware and DOIP firmware, etc.

vxdiag vcx fd unit feature 2
VCX-FD is Extreme Performance Vehicle Diagnostic Interface

1. Dual -core architecture coordinated work, more communication performance
The 550MHz ARM protocol processor implements CAN-FD and all traditional vehicle BUS protocols.
The 560MHz MIPS network processor realizes the DOIP super diagnostic gateway.
Dual -core processors communicate through the Ethernet, high bandwidth and low latency.
The diagnostic communication speed has been several times more than the previous generation of products.

2. Dual operating system, the software is more stable
The RTOS real -time operating system guarantees the vehicle bus protocol multi -task and the communication.
OpenWRT network operating system flexibly connects a variety of network interfaces and vehicles.

3. Support more comprehensive vehicle BUS protocol
Integrate OBD intelligent protocol multi -router chips, all pins can intelligently switch any protocol.
Support 3-channel CAN-FD multi-channel complication, up to 5M BPS high-speed communication.
Support ISO-13400 standard dual-road DOIP interface Option 1 and Option 2.

4. Flexible and easy -to -use connection method
The host communication interface supports multiple connections such as USB / RJ45 / WLAN, which is flexible and easy to use.
Built -in wireless route mode, diagnostic computers can wirelessly connect devices.
Support the wireless workstation mode, the device can access the wireless LAN, and any computer can connect the device.
Support the vehicle DOIP Ethernet into WLAN to achieve wireless DOIP diagnosis.

5.  Brand New Design
Adopt an integrated design of integrated OBD-II interface, which is convenient to plug and play.
The reinforced Type-C interface can prevent shaking and falling off, and the connection is more reliable.
vxdiag vcx fd unit feature 3
VCX-FD is a More Powerful Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment

1. More comprehensive original vehicle diagnosis
The original diagnostic model brands that VCX-FD are now adapted to have 15 species.
After the hardware update, it fully supports new models and new original diagnostic software based on CAN-FD and DOIP.
Various advanced diagnosis and programming functions have reached the original level, and the speed even exceeds the original equipment.
Support one -click installation, uninstall and upgrade the original factory support driver, easy to use.

2. Upgraded international standard API interface
SAE-J2534-1/2 PASSTHRU V04.04 & V05.00
ISO-22900 D-PDU API for MVCI
RP-1210A/B/C API for VDA

3. Support J2534 Original Online ECU Programming (Needs original online account)
ECU software upgrade and calibration.
ECU replacement and programming.
vxdiag vcx fd unit feature 4

vxdiag vcx fd unit feature 5
vxdiag vcx fd unit feature 6

VCX FD Current Firmware Version:

2024.04.24 —- V2.3.1.1

  • Optimization: Optimize the CAN message sending frame interval delay when waiting for the sending to complete
  • Optimization: Optimize the ISO15765 stmin sending continuous frame interval time processing
  • Correction: Correct ISO15765 timer timing message and other messages are independent and do not affect each other
  • Correction: Modify ISO15765 p2max default time 10ms
  • Correction: All protocol filters are enabled by default (no messages are received when no filter is configured)
  • Optimization: Bottom-level optimization: shell (user permissions)

Hardware Configuration:

  Items Description
vcx-fd-processor-1 Network processor 32bit 560MHz MIPS
vcx-fd-processor-2 Protocol processor 32bit 550MHz ARM
vcx-fd-diagnostic Diagnostic interface
SAE-J1962 Standard OBD-II diagnostic interface
vcx-fd-doip DoIP interface
ISO-13400-4 Option1/2 Ethernet
  Wired interface (PC) USB TYPE-C
vcx-fd-network Network interface (PC) USB Type-C to RJ-45 Ethernet
vcx-fd-usb Wireless interface (PC) Wlan 802.11 B/G/N wireless network
vcx-fd-button Button Fn Reset
vcx-fd-indicator Indicator light 5 LEDs: power, wireless, communication, vehicles and remote
vcx-fd-power Powered by Vehicle power supply: DC 9V-36V (compatible 12V and 24V)
vcx-fd-consumption Power consumption 2W
vcx-fd-dimension Dimension L x W x H = 140 x 50 x 25 (mm)
vcx-fd-weight Weight Equipment weight: 0.3kg
Product +toolbox +packaging weight: 0.8kg
vcx-fd-shell Shell Reinforced plastic shell
vcx-fd-temperature-1 Operating temperature -20~+70 °C
vcx-fd-temperature-2 Storage temperature -40~+85 °C
vcx-fd-certification Standard certification EU CE and the US FCC

Support BUS Protocol
ISO-13400 DoIP Option1/2 VAG KW81 (SAE J2818)
ISO-9141 K-Line SAE-J2610 SCI (Chrysler)
ISO-14230 K-Line SAE-J1567 CCD BUS (Chrysler)
SAE-J1850-VPW (GM Class2) SAE-J2809 HONDA DIAG-H

OBD-II pin BUS Protocol Coverage
PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
POWER       GND GND                     BAT
DoIP-1     RX+         ACT     RX- TX+ TX-      
DoIP-2 RX+             ACT RX-     TX+ TX-      
CANFD1           H               L    
CANFD2     H               L          
CANFD3 H/L H/L H/L     H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L H/L  
SWCAN X X X     X X X X X X X X X X  
PWM   H               L            
VPW   X                            
J1708                       H L      
K-LINE X X X     X X X X X X X X X X  
UART X X X     X X X X X X X X X X  
ADC X X X     X X X X X X X X X X  
IO X X X     X X X X X X X X X X

Package List:

1pc x VCX-FD Interface
1pc x Type-C USB Cable
1pc x RJ45 Lan Converter
1pc x Paper Case

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