VXDIAG Toyota Techstream Software Update to V14.00.018

VXDIAG Toyota Techstream Software Update to V14.00.018, including vcx nano Toyota USB/ VCX NANO Toyota WIFI, VXDIAG Multi Full, etc. For all clients who bought the vxdiag Toyota machines, please contact us to get new software.

New V14.00.018 Software can support Toyota cars up to 2019.

For New V14 techstream software, it is easy to install, just run techstream directly, then open techstream via patch file directly.

Software download:

Techstream 14: https://mega.nz/#F!SAR3Qa7B!N61Ikd1HKEodTiwpODLXKQ
Techstream Patch: https://mega.nz/#F!7VZzBQgZ!wO9Fjk0gfZF-tfv6zQAqzw