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ALLSCANNER VXDIAG Benz C6 Star C6 VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BENZ With 500GB 2021.06 Software Hard Drive

ALLSCANNER VXDIAG Benz C6 Star C6 VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BENZ With 500GB 2021.06 Software Hard Drive

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ALLSCANNER VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BENZ With 500GB Hard Drive
1. Support BENZ
2. VXDiag support add more original software in feature
3. Software: 500GB HDD 2021.06 version

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by Mohamed on Oct 14, 2021
Need help on this. Is it a license issue?
Replied by Jane on Oct 14, 2021
Please download this driver and install, then try xentry diagnosis again.
by Tiago on Sep 1, 2021
Hi, I bought benz hard disk from you but disk Monaco and wis doesn't work... can you solve it please?
Also can't conect with interface because VCI manager does not work for doing firmware upgrade...
Replied by Jane on Sep 1, 2021
For old firmware problem, Please follow this solution.

1. For monaco, firstly, You must connect device to laptop. Then open new vx manager, click "Firmware" to update, then click "Update license" to renew.
2. For WIS, please check this video.
by Mr.Roy Krosell on Aug 2, 2021
I had a C3, I have a C4 but the best one at the moment, which I use all the time is a C6 Benz VXDIAG (and Xentry / DAS on a laptop). The C6 is the cheapest, easiest to setup and best for the WiFi.
by jose lopez on May 13, 2021
de todas formas quisiera actualizar xentry diagnosis,es del año 2017,tambien quisiera activar la licencia de ford-mazda,entonces no seria mejor comprar un nuevo disco duro con todas las marcas actualizadas para directamente montarlo en mi laptor y trabajar....? gracias
Replied by Jane on May 13, 2021
Hello dear
For xentry, you can buy software hdd here.

For Ford Mazda license, can buy on this page.
by Mr.Sergei Sam on Apr 21, 2021
vxdiag c6 xentry is good no problems
by Mr.Bryan Runk on Apr 14, 2021
Works perfect as promissed harddrive is plug and play on my LENOVO laptop

by Mr.Castro Frank on Apr 14, 2021
I use VXDiag C6 interface. works with mercedes (xentry and dts), it has doip. and by the way you can buy any other brand licence, so for example you can use it for BMW as well
by Mr.ubaldo rivera on Apr 14, 2021
I got a C6 VCI from here. At first it would not connect to the car properly but finally after updating everything including/lastly VCI firmware it worked.
by Gust on Apr 10, 2020
Hi I am looking for a VXDIAG (MB Star C6) for w212. I have an IBM thinkpad t60 with 3 GB ram that works (the hard drive failed so it can accept another 2.5” HDD and I can dedicate it to this)

Also looking for a VXDIAG for Honda vehicle (2002 accord. How much would a kit that can work with both of these cost? Also does it include all MB diagnostic software like XENTRY, DAS, etc?

Thank you

Replied by Jane on Apr 10, 2020
Thanks very much for your message, but our software HDD cannot work with your laptop. 
Our software HDD need to work onl laptops with SATA, 4GM RMA or above, I5 CPU or above.
For Honda, our device only support 2005-2018, cannot support your car of 2002.
by Steven on Mar 12, 2020
Hi, Xentry 03.2020 dont work with VXDIAG C6 driver. - Crash all the time when it start using it. Have 12.2019 - And it works on the machine with this on. Strange. It work on some cars nog CLS 218
by Antonio on Mar 7, 2020
also contains the license?
Replied by Jane on Mar 7, 2020
Thanks very much for your message, for the license on website, it means car brand authorization license for vxdiag multi machine. If you buy vxdiag benz c6 and software, no need to buy the benz license.
by Stephen on Mar 6, 2020
Hi, I have the VXDIAGS-DoIP unit and was wondering about the following:

For the Toyota what years does the license/software support?
Does the Toyota license also support Lexus? If so, what years?
For the Ford I seen that it only support from 2015 to 2018...Is this correct?
If no, what years does it support?
Replied by Jane on Mar 7, 2020
For vcx doip device, if you bought Toyota and Ford license for your device.
It support both Toyota and Lexus  2000-2019
For Ford, only support 2005-2019, because IDS Software keep updating
by donald on Dec 5, 2019
Hi I have a question,

If I purchases VXDIAG C6 Diagnostic Tool For XENTRY can I convert all 3 my vcx nano activation codes to this interface (ford/mazda, jag/land rover, gm).

Thanks, donald
Replied by Jane on Dec 7, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, we confirmed with factory, they ask you to send photo to show all of your machines with license. put all machines together, to show SN of the machine, we will send to show them, prooving that all the machines are owned by yourself. Once they confirmed, they can convert license for you.
by Florim on Oct 22, 2019
Kann ich mit eurer software dts monaco programmieren offline?
Replied by Jane on Oct 23, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but sorry, our software only support online programming.
by John on Oct 17, 2019
i have this vxdiag, vxdiag can use xentry with VCI also dts

one month ago i updated HU55 on w222 facelift that need to doip mode everything is good
Replied by Jane on Oct 18, 2019
We are so appreciated for your feedback, so glad that our device can fulfil your need.
by Nguyen on Oct 10, 2019
Do you have Xentry old version that supports offline SCN
Replied by Jane on Oct 12, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but so sorry, we do not have offline software.
by Josh on Aug 23, 2019
Looking purchase software that would for 2009 fuso medium duty truck. So I can do a ECM hard set and service dpf system. I have a laptop with nexiq j link, also looking for davie software as well for paccar.

Replied by Jane on Aug 23, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, but sorry, we do not have machine or software to support your truck.
by Marc Goodman on Aug 14, 2019
I received a VCXDiag C6 VCX-NET device. I've got Benz license and it works fine in passthru mode but works much faster when in C6 VCI / DOIP mode - I just need to work out what they've done with the Mercedes software to make it use their device.

Now just to sort an SCN account and I'll finally have the NTG5s1 updated.
Replied by Jane on Aug 15, 2019
Thanks very much for your feedback, but for the scn account, sorry, we are unable to offer, you need to have it yourself, buy it from some forums or original website.
by Gerard on Aug 9, 2019
Does the item below support offline programming? I need something that i can do SCN (Coding) offline.

I just wanted to make sure before I buy.

Replied by Jane on Aug 10, 2019
Thanks very much for your message,  For this machine, it can support part of offline programming if the software have, but most needs online. Need to have online account.
by Nuno Oliveira on Jul 18, 2019
Excellent online support, I have a problems with my laptop, but the seller patiently solved everything,Thanks a lot.
Replied by Jane on Jul 18, 2019
So glad that the problem is solved, it is a pleasure to offer support for you.
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