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AllScanner VXDIAG Benz C6 Star C6 VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool With 2024.03/2023.09 500GB Software Hard Drive

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4 VXDIAG Benz: C6 Hardware + HDD AllScanner VXDIAG Benz C6 Star C6 VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool With 2024.03/2023.09 500GB Software Hard Drive
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Product Description

ALLSCANNER VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BENZ With 500GB Hard Drive
1. Support BENZ 2005-2023
2. Supports add more original software in feature
3. Software: 500GB HDD 2024.03 or 2023.09 version

ALLSCANNER VXDIAG Benz C6 MULTI Diagnostic Tool for BENZ With 500GB 2024.03/2023.09 Software HDD

VXDiag Benz C6 Multi Tool Highlights:

1. Comes with V2024.03/ 2023.09 Software HDD
2. Support Mercedes Benz & Smart vehicles 2005-2023 (12V)
3. With engineering software 8.13.029 and CBF CCF files. For V9.02 Version offer as gift, if need activation, need to pay 10USD.
4. Compatible with original Benz diagnostic software.
5. Support DoIP function, cover more functions like C4/C5.
6. Support DPF Regeneration
7. VXDIAG VCI does not need a power supply unit for external power supply.
8. VXDIAG VCI multiplexer with a small, sturdy construction (no PC core, battery, fan, or display)
9. The HDD tested ok on laptops like LENOVO T410 T440. Suggest testing on laptops above. (at least 8GB memory, with SATA Port, i7 processor)
10. Multiple functions: including diagnostic, programming, simulation studying, repair information, automotive maintenance, technical service bulletin and so on.
(support SCN Coding, but you need have an online account)
11. Allow being added with more car brand authorization license to the C6 VCI. Optional software license: GM, Ford, Mazda,Toyota, Honda, LandRover, Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo, VW, etc.
12. With the innovation design of OBD II intelligent bus protocol routing hardware, a diagnostic plug can be intelligent identification test all models, fully meet the future demand for all kinds of bus communication

Bonus Feature:

1. The c6 vci supports remote diagnostic, it comes with free Donet license.
2. The license, firmware can be updated in our driver app, it is a lifetime license and its working with the new software
3. The device supports DOIP protocol.
4. VXDIAG device does not heat up as SD CONNECT does.

The device includes the license for Benz, not include the other license, if you need the device to work for other car brands, you can pay the license to activate it.
2. The device include the license for Benz, it is lifetime license, if you see the license time only have 60 days, it is normal, the license can be updated in VX-Manager for free.
3. Please update the firmware, DoIP, license and driver after you install the new version VX-Manager V1.8.6
4. This Mercedes Benz diagnosis VCI DOIP Pass thru interface C6 VXDIAG can't support do All Key Lost, need at least one key.

VXDIAG Benz C6 Software Language List:
Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, Chinese, Czech, German, English, Finnish, Hungarian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovenian, Turkish
VXDIAG C6 Benz Features:
Engines (All Gasoline and Diesel Systems)
Transmissions and Electronic Selector Modules
Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems
Traction Systems: ESP / ASR / ETS / ABS / BAS / SBC braking systems
Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) / Airbag, All body modules OCP / UCP / LCP / SCM / SKF / KFB / RCM / DCM’s
Drive Authorisation System
Sam (Signal Acquisition) Modules
Electronic Ignition System (EIS)
Pneumatic System Equipment and ATA functions
Air Conditioning / climate control Systems
Instrument Cluster
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Tyre Pressure Control
Parktronic System
Keyless Go
D2b Command & Audio Gateway (D2B and MOST networks)
TV Tuner
Headlamp Range Adjustment
Seat Electronics
Rvc, RST & Vario Roof modules
Automatic Clutch System ACS
M-Class Body Modules (AAM / EAM / D-A-S / SEM / VG Transfer Case)
Assyst and ASSYST + systems
VXDIAG Benz VCI C6 Connect with Vehicle
Packing List:
1pc x OBD cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x network cable
1pc x 500GB hard drive

Customer Review:

I just bought a new MB VXDIAG Benz VCI C6

For what cost he have its good.

I only just tested (remote) with x-entry and 8.13.029 … and DoIP works.

2). Benz C6 VCI and HDD Review:

I do have one of the VCI V6 from VXDIAG.
First of all, it looks and feels ok and i really like the way it connects to the pc.
This unit does have the regular LAN port, but also a USB port (which will install as a virtual lan port 1087 ), but it will also create a wifi network on it's own.
I like this way better than the c4 sdconnect way of using ad-hoc wifi.
With the vci c6 the pc simply connects to it, as soon as it sees the wifi. it handles all the ip adress setup on it's own with the dhcp.
It just works without any configuration.
The VCI c6 does just create a wifi that you connect to like a regular wifi network. and i prefer this.
It does indeed work with x-entry very well.
Connects to the cars, reads all the fault codes and values, can delete the fault codes. I don't see anything wrong with it at this point.
It does not use the old toolkit like the sdconnect and the ecom.
It uses the VCI "toolkit" from x-entry.
The drive did also come with a working installation of Monaco.
Monaco seems to work with the VCI C6 as well.
At this point i guess i am happy with the tool.

Contact information:

Email: Sales@VXdiagShop.com
Skype: VXdiag.com
Whatsapp: 0086-18064450969
If you need any after-sale techinical support, you can inquiry this whatsapp above.
For technical support and service, purchase exclusively from WWW.VXDIAGSHOP.COM ONLY.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. If your shipping method is fast shipping, please kindly give us your phone number for shipping.


Tech Support

How-to: set up/configure X-ENTRY XDOS diagnostic software and update firmware of VXDIAG Benz C6 DoIP multi tool.


VXDIAG Benz C6 configuration step

Note: before using X-ENTRY software, you need to configure the diagnostic device by following these steps

1. Configure diagnostic device, select X-ENTRY Diagnosis VCI


2. Click on configuration


3. Click on Continue


4. Click on Continue


5. Unable to detect StartKey. click enter StartKey manually


6. Save Key and click apply and continue


7. Click Application and continue


8. Configuration complete, click exit



Complete configuration needs to restart the computer!
Successful configuration and normal device connection will display this icon on the desktop or taskbar


VXDIAG C6 Benz DoIP Update step

Once the X-ENTRY XDOS software installation is configured, install the VX Manager client and perform the following steps
1. Upgrade VCX firmware version to latest version


2. Update DoIP firmware version to latest version


3. Install BENZ C6 driver


Now VXDIAG C6 X-ENTRY XDOS scanner is ready to use.


How to set up DTS Monaco Software for VXDIAG Benz C6?


Q: How can i configure DTS monaco engineering software to work with the VXDIAG Benz C6 scanner? Can you provide manual or video operations? Or set it up via Teamviewer?


VXDIAGSHOP solution:

The software comes in hard drive (HDD) format. Don't need special setting. Enter from SMR and go.

Check here:

After make good connection, open DTS Monaco software on desktop

Accpet warning message


Select Open a workspace 


Enter from 4th option: MBcar_MBvan_SMR_DiagnosticCAN_V_02_02 


Select control module and perform ecu update or other features you desired





Here’s a quick video operation demo:

Benz Flash programming with VXDIAG C6 DTS Monaco


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