Set up VXDIAG VCX NANO GM on Windows 10 Pro 2.0 Port

Here’s the VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2/Tech2Win working experience on Surface Pro (Windows 10) tablet:


“I tried on three of my Surface Pro 2017 models (Windows 10 Pro) Everything would work except the Tech 2 software. CANDI not connected. Not matter what I tried. When launching Tech2 the popup to choose connection to the MDI wasn’t appearing. I looked everywhere for the usb drivers with no luck.

After messing around a couple days with it, I got it to work with another laptop running Windows 10 Pro.

I think the problem is that the Surface Pro runs a usb 3.0 port and the other laptop has a 2.0 port. So if you only have a 3.0 port you may run into issues. A possible workaround would be a usb port splitter that supports usb 2.0. I haven’t tried this because I didn’t have one on hand.

The winning combination for me was:
1. USB 2.0 port on pc
2. Windows 10 Pro
3. Latest version of VX Manager from vxdiagshop I think it was 1.6xxx
4. Latest downloads for the GD2 folder & tech 2 folder from
5. Didn’t use anything from the CD in the box
6. When installing Vx Manager I did tick the boxes for pass-through and GDS2 / Tech2Win and SPS.
7. Installed all three software programs
8. Plug in the module to the pc (doesn’t need to be connected to car)
9. Run VX Manager and the module should show up. Update firmware on module itself.
10. Hit the automotive tab on the left and verify pass-through and GD2/Tech2 (and SPS if you need it) have green checks on them. If not double click to open them and install / update if necessary.
11. Leave the VX Manager running &nD-A-Sh; minimize it if you want to.
12. Double click shortcut on desktop to launch Tech2Win
13. Choose North America
14. Choose MDI interface &nD-A-Sh; not MDI2
15. Next dialog box pick the only choice there is to choose from.
16. Tech2 should run fine. Splash screen on startup will show CANDI unit connected.