How to Solve VXDIAG Benz Xentry “The Data Are Faulty”?

Recently some people reported that they got data faulty error when running VXDIAG Benz C6 HDD xentry software. The error image shown below:

Vxdiag Benz Data Are Faulty


1. Go to C:// Program Files (x86)/ Mercedes-Benz/AddOn Center

Change AddOnCenter.exe file name (change .exe to any other format )

Vxdiag Data Faulty Solution 1

2.Open Windows Task Manager, Select java.exe * 32 and javaw.exe *32 program

3. End these process (shown as picture bellow)

Vxdiag Data Faulty Solution 2

4. Then delete all files on C:// Program Files (x86)/Mercedes-Benz/Xentry folder

Vxdiag Data Faulty Solution 3
5. Run Xentry FIX Program 

If still not working,  contact us and send your vxdiag benz HDD back to reload the xentry to your HDD.

The problem will be solved.


Note: The solution is for vxdiag benz vcx plus, not for sdc4/c5.