How to Solve VXDIAG Benz X-ENTRY “The Data Are Faulty”?

Recently some people reported that they got data faulty error when running VXDIAG Benz C6 HDD X-ENTRY software. The error image shown below:

Vxdiag Benz Data Are Faulty


1. Go to C:// Program Files (x86)/ Mercedes-Benz/AddOn Center

Change AddOnCenter.exe file name (change .exe to any other format )

Vxdiag Data Faulty Solution 1

2.Open Windows Task Manager, Select java.exe * 32 and javaw.exe *32 program

3. End these process (shown as picture bellow)

Vxdiag Data Faulty Solution 2

4. Then delete all files on C:// Program Files (x86)/Mercedes-Benz/X-ENTRY folder

Vxdiag Data Faulty Solution 3
5. Run X-ENTRY FIX Program 

If still not working,  contact us and send your vxdiag benz HDD back to reload the X-ENTRY to your HDD.

The problem will be solved.


Note: The solution is for vxdiag benz vcx plus, not for sdc4/c5.