VXDIAG Benz C6 DoIP Newbie Working Experience

I have been using a VXDIAG Benz C6 (the new one with the LAN port and mini-USB jack) for sometime (I have the X-ENTRY and O-D-I-S licence).

From my experience, I can tell you it’s a good device for X-ENTRY.

I have been using it with X-ENTRY 12.2019 and have tested it on a variety of cars (even on older D-A-S cars like W211). Every function I have tried on X-ENTRY / D-A-S has worked so far.

&nD-A-Sh; ignition status is detected automatically (like C4) and it reads the voltage no problem

It is advertised to work with DoIP modules, but I haven’t tested this myself (there are videos on YouTube where they demonstrate this)

It does work wirelessly as advertised through Wi-Fi.

It tried it on normal X-ENTRY (not passthru). It should also work on Passthru as it has a passthru licence and can work was a passthru device

The way it works is &nD-A-Sh; Allscanner develops a driver for X-ENTRY which allows their device to work with X-ENTRY (X-ENTRY sees the mux as a X-ENTRY Diagnosis VCI)

A potential problem is that Allscanner has to develop a new driver for each new version of X-ENTRY &nD-A-Sh; so you may not be able to use the latest version of X-ENTRY when it comes out &nD-A-Sh; you’ll have to wait till they release the driver for that specific version of X-ENTRY (as of writing this, X-ENTRY 06.2020 is the latest driver available)

When you install their software on a X-ENTRY system, it will auto detect the X-ENTRY version installed and will load the correct driver for you (convenient)

It gets occasional firmware updates (through the allscanner software) &nD-A-Sh; you don’t have to connect to car to power it on, just plug it into USB it will power on and you can do the FW updates at your home.

I have not tried it with online SCN coding, so can’t comment if that works.

Overall, I like it a lot and have not used my old C4 since I received this. (keeping the C4 in case older cars come by which require HHTwin etc)