VXDIAG Ford IDS Transit MK7 Test Report

Purpose of buying:

My VCM2 stopped working from one day to the other. So I  bought the vxdiag vcx nano for Ford interface which was told to be an alternative to VCM2.

I purchased the vcx nano here, cheap $85 wifi version with free shipping


Few days later it arrived.

I heard many rumors about VXDIAG; work on VMware only, require change time zone, not able to do coding, not able to do reflashing, bla bla… So I decided to test it.

First lookup

This thing is HUGE. It is about 20cm long, what makes it nearly impossible to use it while driving. I got a OBD extension loom for a fiver, problem solved.

Connector to PC is a micro USB… I am a little concerned how long this will last when roughly used, but the plug sits very tight, so I don’t mind any improvements now. If it starts to wiggle one day, I’ll stick it with hot glue or epoxy.

Software installation

I installed the software and driver on CD follow the video guide they send me. You can also download vx manager from their website, disable antivirus software, and simple let the installer run. I install IDS v114 on a native machine. No VMware or virtual machine needed. No problems. Soon after first connect it told me that a new firmware was released 1 week ago &nD-A-Sh; this shows me that those guys are working on their products, which is a large plus point in my opinion. Firmware flash was piece of cake within 1 min.


Now run IDS &nD-A-Sh; a VCM2 appears in IDS and you go on as always.

Doing IDS

As mentioned above, some people state weird things about the VXDIAG. It can only read fault codes, you can’t reflash, you can’t modify….I can tell you what I have done yet (on MK7):

&nD-A-Sh; PATS coding (works)
&nD-A-Sh; enabling second battery (works)
&nD-A-Sh; BCM swap (works)
&nD-A-Sh; Modify BCM with engineering mode of IDS (works)

I successfully updated the pcm on an Mk7 with an out-of-the-box vcx nano and everything worked out fine.

So be sure what and where you buy. Fake vxdiag is recogniseable if you look at the black OBD connector; the genuine one has a serial number laser engraved on it.


I am very impressed and happy with the VXDIAG Ford IDS, it does everything my VCM2 did, and it still works till now.

If you are looking for a IDS capable diagnosis tool, this thing is DEFINITELY worth looking at it.