VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford Mazda vs SVCI J2534 Ford

Vxdiag vcx nano for Ford Mazda 2 in 1 and SVCI J2534 which is a better Ford/Mazda diagnostic tool?

Item VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford/Mazda STIC SVCI J2534 Ford/Mazda
Image Vxdiag Ford Mazda 1 Stic Svci J2534
Software and version Ford IDS V123,


Mazda IDS V123

Ford IDS V123
Mazda IDS V122
Toyota TIS V15.00.026
Land Rover/Jaguar SDD V154.01ELM software


ScanMaster-ELM V2.4.12

Operating system Win7 Win8 Win10 Win7 Win10
Connection USB (WiFi version gets USB and WiFi) USB only
Update Software update by link


Firmware update via VX Manager

Software update by link


Firmware update online

Online programming Yes, requires online account Yes, requires online account
Compatible with Ford FJDS, FRDS /Mazda MDARS Yes, require license, tested by many FJDS yes, FRDS and MDARS remain to be tested
Compatible with Forscan Yes Yes
F series diesel trucks Does not support pre-2010 old Ford F-series Yes, but not all models, some failed to test on old models
Compatible with Ford original factory software Yes, require to use vxdiag driver Yes
Installation Require driver, patch. Ford and Mazda cannot be installed on same laptop. You can install on vmware Require driver. Ford and Mazda cannot be installed on same laptop. You can install on vmware

In sum,

SVCI J2534 only supported protocols are, ISO15765_PS, ISO15765, ISO9141, ISO14230, CAN, CAN_PS.

The ELM327 mode it emulates an OBD Solutions STN1170 v3.3.1 ELM interface and does a poor job of it!

To download the SVCI Ford/Mazda IDS software and or drivers, you must create an account on the manufactures site. Once you do login to the manufactures site, you then need approval to download software and or drivers! vxdiag IDS released frequently software update, download software via mega links directly.

SVCI j2534 is less stable than vxdiag when performing online programming. Some have reported crashed issue during module programming.

vcx nano is cheaper than svci.

For ecu programming purposes, better go for vcx nano instead of svci.