VXDIAG VCX NANO GM vs. Tech2 Which is better

Somebody said that the cheaper it is the only hard evidence that warrant buying the VXDIAG VCX NANO GM over the Tech2.  Is it true?


We have customers keeping both Tech2 clone and vcx nano. Here’s experience:

I have both the VCX and a Tech2 and the VCX is hands down a MUCH better tool. Here are the top reasons:

1. VCX works on Windows 7,8 and 10 &nD-A-Sh; Tech2 needs Windows XP to work reliably and on my machine that means I need to run it in a VM machine
2. VCX works on multiple vehicle &nD-A-Sh; almost all major brands. Tech2, not so much
3. VCX uses USB not the antiquated RS232 interface. I don’t even have a machine with RS232 anymore so I have to use a stupid/unreliable USB -> RS232 adapter to use the TECH 2 with my machines.
4. VCX can also be a wifi model &nD-A-Sh; cool in that you can use the VCX on your car while operating it from a remote machine over wifi. That is pretty damn cool and allows you to pop the VCX on and go inside where its warm/to watch a game etc while working on your car.
5. VCX is MUCH cheaper
6. VCX feels higher quality to me
7. VCX includes software for early cars (Tech2Win) and the most recent cars (DSG2)
8. VCX is not as bulky with all of the crap cables and such that come with the Tech2
9. VCX IS MUCH FASTER (I think it has a faster interface and internal components)

I just used my VCX NANO GM to do the ABS brake bleed on my 2004 Escalade ESV this weekend &nD-A-Sh; it was a dream. Go ahead with the old Tech2 if that is what you already have, but for folks just getting a tool now or looking to upgrade, I would def go with the VCX for sure.

The VCX does sounds like the better option when you lay out all of the features, especially the multi-make platform and being able to interface with the late model GM diagnostic software.