VXDIAG VCX NANO Test on Chevrolet Blazer 4×4

GM Chevrolet Blazer red 4×4 & VXDIAG GM test and report:

There’s GM versions, with and without wifi connection capabilities. For the $10 more I just went ahead and got the one with wifi
WiFi Version VXDiag VCX NANO for GM/OPEL GDS2 Tech2Win

Played around with my vcx nano module. Can get in and do diagnostics on ANY module from the engine, trans, abs, body control, lighting, etc. So far can do everything that my buddy’s $1300 SnapOn scanner can do, for just $119.

Yes it can do ABS bleeding.

Last night I use it to clear out an old ABS code, as well as an old airbag code.

Next step, get into reprogramming and changing some settings in the BCM.
In order to reflash any modules, you need a J2534 box and a laptop, plus a subscription to GM’s service info (which they gladly charge for). https://www.acdelcotds.com/subscriptions

It paid itself already.