How to Activate VXDIAG Benz WIS EPC via CarProKey Keygen?

Since VXDIAG Benz Star diagnostic software 2020 version,  WIS/EPC has changed the activation keygen from ‘HP-EVA’ to ‘CarProKey’.  The activation procedure is slightly different from the old versions.


How to Activate V2020 and Later VXDIAG Benz WIS EPC Software?

The activation manual can be applied to vxdiag vcx se Benzvxdiag benz c6vxdiag vcx doip Benz, MB SD C4, MB SD C4 DoIP, MB SD C5 etc.

Activate New Wis Epc 1

Run WIS-EPC shortcut on desktop

Activate New Wis Epc 2
Login with User name (admin) and password (12345)
Then you go Administration- Server- Edit the access authorization

Activate New Wis Epc 3

Activate New Wis Epc 4
Copy LANID to CarProKey keygen in the Tool folder
if cannot find CarProKey keygen, download it here

Free download WIS EPC CarProKey keygen

Activate New Wis Epc 5

Run CarProKey keygen

Select EPCnet/WISnet for EWS, copy and paste LAN ID here, enter user name (252) and expiration date (You can set the date yourself.)

Activate New Wis Epc 6
Press Generate
It will generate EPC and WIS Startkey
copy and paste 2 Startkey to corresponding area and save

Activate New Wis Epc 7

Activate New Wis Epc 8

WIS and EPC have been activated.
Go to Programs- EPC

Activate New Wis Epc 9
Accept the security warning and Run
Go to Options tab- Setup F12- select software language you desired

Activate New Wis Epc 10
Accept the security warning and Run
Go to Options tab- Setup F12- Language selection, select language you desired.

Activate New Wis Epc 11

If had a problem getting LAD ID, contact us and get technical support via Teamviewer.