How to Change VXDIAG Benz W-I-S E-P-C Software Language?

Possible to change language in the vxdiag benz c6 W-I-S software? Yes, so does E-P-C. Check the easy guide below.

The procedure is the same on vxdiag c6vcx se benz and mb star sd c4/c5 devices.


Change W-I-S software language:

Run W-I-S, go to Options tab- Setup F2 &nD-A-Sh; Langauge selection
Select the language you desired and press OK to save setting.

Multi-language available: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Turkish, Japanese, Hungarian etc

Change W-I-S Language 1

Change W-I-S Language 2

Change E-P-C software language: 

Run E-P-C, go to Options tab- Setup F2 &nD-A-Sh; Dialog language or Content language, then save

Change E-P-C Langauge 1

Change E-P-C Langauge 2

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