VXDIAG GM Tech2win Setup and Review on Cobalt 2006

I finally got the VXDIAG VCX NANO GM module for just over 100$ with taxes and set up a laptop running 32 bit Windows 7.


What’s needed to get it up & running:

It came with the tool and a white disc with a bunch of files/folders on it. I prefer download updated versions of them elsewhere. vxdiagshop.com has them as well as the latest VxManager driver.


  • VXDIAG VCX Nano for GM GDS2/Tech2win (such as the one linked above)
  • Win7 32 bit non-VM Computer (Apparently these won’t work on VMs, although I have not tried that)
  • VMWarePlayer 6 (32bit), Tech2Win, GDS2, VXManager software’s latest versions all available here (go to GM section down the page)


Installation Steps: Do not plug in the device until told to do so

The order of installation is important.

1) Install VMWare-Player 6.0 (32bit version) but do not open it.
*Not 100% sure this is necessary, but various other installation write-ups say to use it.

2) Install Tech2Win

3) Install GSD2

4) Install VX Manager

Select Passthru & GM-GDS when promoted​

5) Plug In Device, let it load drivers (it may take a while) and make sure it loads in to USB Serial Port COM4 with Device Manager after the driver finding part is done.

6) Run VX Manager, update your devices firmware and licenses one after another.

7) Run Tech2Win and select “NORTH AMERICAN

8) You should be prompted to select a device, select the top one (without a 2 in it)

9) If all went well, you should then be prompted to select another device, it should say your USB device. If this shows up, your MDI Candi module is all good.

When it’s well connected, Tech2win prompts you for a Product Line Code after selecting a few vehicle options.

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 0

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 6

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 7

Tech2win is what i need as the model is a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS.

Every function on the tech2 is working great.
Its super easy to get lost in there. I played around with the AIM a bit by adding some icons to the display while triggering the signals through the BCM with the tech2. High beam, turn signals, anti theft indicator (added custom icon), coolant level, batt, park brake indicators work. I even got my cruise control resisters right, because its registering the proper modes thru the tech2 based on switch positions.

I went to do a VATS relearn (as the TDM is from an 06), and to my surprise it has already learned this new key and TDM and enabled the ECM.

I can turn on any circuit from the BCM with the click of a mouse, read inputs/outputs, reprogram my brake pedal sensor, VATS, ect.

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 1

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 2

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 3

VXDIAG Tech2win VATS Relearn 4

Hope it helps.



Credit to Mr. Brian and Mr. Mayor.