VXDIAG VCX SE vs. VCX Multi Tool

VXdiagshop.com here provides table comparison between vxdiag vcx se and multi tool series scanner.  Hope it helps.

  VXDIAG VCX SE Series VXDIAG VCX Multi Series
Photo Vcx Se 1 Vcx Multi
Item NO. SP361SP341SP304-CSP355SP367SP379VX05-W1VX16-D VX01-WHKVX05-WVX10VX11VX11-BVX15VX17-B
Supported Brands on Sale for Benz, for BMW, for Ford/Mazda, GM, VW 3 in 1 (Optional), for JLR, for Full brands for Ford/Mazda, GM, VW 3 in 1 (Optional), for Subaru, for BMW, for Benz, for JLR DoIP, for Full Brands
Reset Button Vcx Se Reset Button Vxdiag Vcx Reset 1Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 1
Package List VCI, USB cable, 
VCI, USB cable, OBD2 Cable, Lan Cable
Connection Method USB, WIFI, DONET, Type C connection USB, WIFI, LAN, DONET (SN V52XP*** Not Support)
Weight 0.5kg 4.5kg
Serial Number V94SE***, S94BM***, S94JL*** V52XP***, V71XN***, V83XD***, V94XD***
Add License V94SE*** can
S94BM*** & S94JL*** Only add DONET
All Can, But V52XP*** cannot Add Benz, BMW, DoIP and DONET license
DoIP Yes V52XP*** Cannot ADD, Others Can
Software Update Download Link & HDD (Benz, BMW software update by HDD) Download Link & HDD (Benz, BMW software update by HDD)
Firmware Update Free Online via VX Manager Free Online via VX Manager