What is VXDIAG "DoNET" Connection?

What is “DoNET” ? We have many customers asking that. Here’s the explanation from vxdiagshop.com.


“DoNET” is a connection method for the VXDIAG scanners and software laptop.

Similar as USB or WiFi connection.

USB and WiFi connection has distance limitation.  The biggest advantage of the DoNET connection is that it beyond distance limitations, even if your device and software are not in the same place.

For example, if your car breaks down on the road or had a customer whose car is broken down, you happen to carry the vxdiag device (a vcx se is pretty small can be put into pocket), turn on Hotspot and pair to the device via DoNET. Then have your friend run the VX Manager on computer,  enter vxdiag device serial number, complete DoNET setting. Software is ready to use. You now enjoy remote diagnosis.

Available car brand software: BMW ISTA, Mercedes X-ENTRY, Honda HDS, Toyota Techstream, Porsche PIWI-S, Jaguar Land rover SDD/Pathfinder, Subaru SSM3/SSM4, VAG O-D-I-S, Ford Mazda IDS



1.You must have vxdiag device and software to connect via DoNET (check what device can be enabled with DoNET in text below)

2. It is not VXDIAG engineer to control your/our software or PC, but you control your own device and software via mobile phone.  It is not done via remote to VX Servers. 

3. It is a rumor that online coding/programming can be done via DoNET.  Online programming requires online account which we don't provide with. 


Check images below:

And listed are some tutorials that help better understand how to use DoNET connection:

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