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(Ship from US,No Tax) VXDIAG VCX NANO for V120 Ford IDS / V120 Mazda IDS 2 in 1 Support WIFI

(Ship from US,No Tax) VXDIAG VCX NANO for V120 Ford IDS / V120 Mazda IDS 2 in 1 Support WIFI

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VXDiag VCX NANO Diagnostic Tool for V120 Ford V120 Mazda 2 in 1 WIFI Version
One device support both Ford and Mazda
Support WIFI

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by Mr.BRUCE MARTIN on Feb 21, 2021
 119 is stable .. myself l use fjds now with passthru , but 119 was fine
by Mr.Mario on Jan 6, 2021
Well, I must say I was first skeptical on buying VxDiag VCX NANO wifi more than a year ago, but this tool just works and support from vxdiag shop staff is there as you'd expect. This tool has proven itself all this time that works. I have updated online via IDS all the modules of my Focus 2017 to the latest calibration software. It has saved me a lot of money.
Thank you for you support. License is up to date again.
Replied by Jane on Jan 6, 2021
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your feedback on our website. We are so appreciated and Glad that you are satisfied with our device.
by Mario on Jan 3, 2021
Hello vxdiagshop staff,
I have a problem with license update with this tool. Tried to update the licence beyond 31-12-2020, it says "license updated contact seller for more" but it still shows as "license expired".
I tried many things, restart, uninstall reinstall of vxmanager and nothing helps.
Tool ordered from this shop and has the latest firmware and latest vxmanager program is installed.
Please advice
Replied by Jane on Jan 5, 2021
Hello dear
For your device, please download latest vx manager.
After download, please install the new vx manager.
Then connect device to laptop, open new vx manager, click "Firmware" to update, then click "Update license" to renew.
All would be ok.
by dimitris tzanis on Nov 25, 2020
is tax free to greece?
Replied by Jane on Nov 25, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for this product, we can send from Europe warehouse. NO need to pay tax.
by dimitris tzanis on Nov 25, 2020
is this tool work on win 10 because Item No. SP239 you say it works
Replied by Jane on Nov 25, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for the software, it can work won win10 system.
by Mr.Elsent on Oct 21, 2020
Externally everything corresponds, it came quickly, on the disk Trojan-Trojan. win32.generic, the real one, Kasper did not even stop to remove it. Swing the software from the official website of the manufacturer. They're all clear there. How it works will be in additions
Replied by Jane on Oct 22, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your feedback, we are so glad for your satisfaction on our product.
by Mr.Allan on Aug 16, 2020
Please disregard my previous message, I found the new solution in your Download section ! Everything is working fine again.
Thanks to Vxdiagshop Team
Replied by jolly on Aug 28, 2020
Hello Mr.Allan,
Good to hear that you have solved the problem, if you need any else help,please contact us,
Best regards,
by Mr.Allan on Aug 16, 2020
Hi there
There was an update of VX Manager recently which updated the firmware of VX Nano to v1.8 and also updated the Ford IDS drivers to 2020.08.13. After that the IDS patch ( v118) is not working anymore. It is not starting IDS ! Until before the update was working perfectly fine. Does your engineer know about this ? Can we expect a solution soon ?
Replied by jolly on Aug 28, 2020
Hello dear,
After you install new vxmanger, need to update firmware, then restart, then update license, please try again.
Then use IDS patch to open ford software,
by Mr.Wagner H on Jul 23, 2020
Does this device work with online Ford FDRS ? Can I program modules online from www-etis-ford-com with this device ?
Replied by Shirley on Jul 27, 2020
Hi Dear,
This device can work with online Ford FDRS,
You can program modules online with this device,but you need the original account.
If you have any question,pls feel free to contact us.
by Mr.West on Jun 27, 2020
Will the VXDIAG VCX NANO for V117 Ford IDS work to reprogram my 2004 mustang cobra vin with FJDS?
Replied by Shirley on Jul 6, 2020
Hello Mr.West,
Yes,it's can work to reprogram your 2004 mustang cobra vin with FJDS.
if you need any help,please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
by Mr.LazyCat on May 8, 2020
does IDS v117 work on Windows 10 or do i have to install it on Windows 7 ? And witch is better windows 32bit or 64bit ?
Replied by jolly on May 9, 2020
Hello dear
This unit only works with win7 32bit, 64bit
Best regards
by Aday on Mar 12, 2020
ich wollte VXDIAG VCX NANO für V116 Ford IDS / V116 Mazda IDS 2 in 1 Support WIFI aus Versand aus Großbritannien.html wählen .
ich bin aus Deutschland.
Haben sie mir Gutscheincode:
Replied by Jane on Mar 13, 2020
Thanks very much for your message, for the productg vcx nano Ford, we can send from UK warehouse.

by Eugen on Feb 27, 2020
The device works on most Fords that utilize CAN 11 bit protocols. Overall, an ok devic
by Peter on Feb 27, 2020
I've tried many J2534 devices to upload a Roush tune to my 2014 Mustang ECU. This is the only device that was successful.
by christopher on Feb 26, 2020

I have VCX/ V71XN2520 with F109 software. Can I install the latest version of software?
Replied by Jane on Feb 27, 2020
Your device can work with new V116 software. Please download here.






by Darren on Feb 14, 2020
Hello, can it work with a 2018 F-150?
Replied by Jane on Feb 14, 2020
Thanks very much for your message, but sorry, the device cannot work for F series.
by Khalid on Dec 20, 2019
i like to add ford/mazda ids to my device
if i add GM license,pls give me best price
how much cost both licensees ?
Replied by Jane on Dec 21, 2019
Thanks very much for your message
1. For your device, it is vcx nano for single brand device, cannot add license.
2. For vcx nano pro, please tell us your city and zip code, we will check discount for you.
by Rick on Dec 18, 2019

Can you provide me with any update on when we will see this item?
Replied by Jane on Dec 18, 2019
Your order was sent by USPS, tracking number is 9374889710093448119591. Hope you can receive the package soon.
by dimitris tzanis on Nov 24, 2019
Sorry but if you look better your installation video is win10.You have to be sure because i have only win10 laptops.
Replied by Jane on Nov 24, 2019
Thanks very much for your message, for the vcx nano Ford, some clients succeed on win10 system. But in our video, it use WIN7, our engineer only tested with win7, more stable.
The device support USB and wifi connection, both work stable.
For the software, it runs by patch, will not lock. If you format the laptop, only need to reinstall software from beginning. The license does not mean software license.
by Roberto on Nov 20, 2019
thing is absolutely amazing for the price. i use the IDS software 112 version and it detect my car and programmed the airbag no problem... the 89 dollars i spent on this for its anniversary sale and the software saved me hundreds just in one trip to the dealer to program this module.
Replied by Jane on Nov 22, 2019
We are so appreciated for your feedback. For IDS, there is new V114 version, if you need, can download directly here.





Ford_Mzd patch fix:!AooiHQrR!WsDPAmflZTrFsaKmLT7G8w


IDS programming patch!gREkDChZ!7Yo8_ks39I0Wr6-k8nspZauR6qMqvdfcqeHlR60GMxc


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