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New USB Version VXDIAG VCX NANO VCX NX200 for Renault OBD2 Scanner All Systems Diagnosis 2005-2022

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3 VCX Renault: VCX NANO Renault New USB Version VXDIAG VCX NANO VCX NX200 for Renault OBD2 Scanner All Systems Diagnosis 2005-2022
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Product Description

VXDiag VCX NANO OBD2 Scanner for Renault
Support Renault Cars after 2005-2022 except K-line.
Software Version: V219
Support Diagnosis for All Systems
Support ECU coding/ programming with original online account.

USB Version VXDIAG VCX NANO NX200 for Renault


Top Highlights of USB VCX NANO Renault:

1. Support Renault Cars after 2005-2022. (99% Car Models except K-Line Support).
2. Support to Do ECU Programming/Coding. (Need Original Online account)
3. Support to do Full Systems Diagnosis Function.
4. Testable Systems: Engine, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning System, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, Anti-theft System, KEYZESS GO System and OBD-II System, etc.
5. Support Software V219, Multi Languages, 13 Languages Supported: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norway, Swedish, Romanian
6. It Has Powerful Functions to Read Fault Codes, Clear Fault Codes, Dynamic Data Flow, Computer Programming Matching, Component Testing, etc.
7. Lifetime License, Can Update the Firmware, License to renew in VX Manager for Free.
8. Support USB Connection.
9. For Renault single brand only. 

*Don't install other software programs on the same system. Other programs may conflict with software/driver. 

1.  Run Install Fix
2. Install SOFTWARE
3. Install Bosch Driver
4. Install VCI Driver
5. Registration SOFTWARE

Renault uses a separate VCI driver. Install the driver separately, you don't need to install vx manager.
renault driver
vxdiag vcx nano renault vx manager 1
vxdiag vcx nano renault vx manager 2
Intelligent All Systems Diagnostics for Your Renault Car:

VCX NANO automotive diagnostic tool can scan all modules like ECM(engine), TCM(Transmission), ABS, SRS(Airbag), Brake System, BCM(Body Control Module), EPS(Electronic Power Steering), HVAC(Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset), Radio, EPB and so on to perform OE level diagnostics to read and clear codes, view live data stream, perform active tests, and retrieve ECU information, allows you to get a faster and more accurate test result on all electronic systems.

Read DTCs&nD-A-Sh;It can access to the depth of every onboard systems to read and analysis the DTCs
Clear DTCs&nD-A-Sh;it can clear the DTCs hidden in the ECU and clear the lights on the D-A-Shboard.
ECU Information&nD-A-Sh;get ECU information in detail.
Live Data Stream&nD-A-Sh;a valuable reference to determine the specific problems accurately.


Bi directional Control:

VCX NANO supports bi-directional or active tests on systems and sub-systems, components and so on. For example, it can do bi-directional on ABS to test its sensitivity and function, on Motor Pump to test the integrity of the system, on fuel pumps, wipers, headlamps, windows, doors, sunroof and so on to test its functionality.

ECU Coding

VCX NANO comes with advanced ECU Coding capabilities to reprogram the adaptive data for certain components after replacement to enhance vehicle performance and flash hidden functions to customize car settings and disable annoying functions.

Online Calibration
Online Parameterization
Components Matching
Flash Hidden Functions
Rear-view mirror folding
Disable daytime running light
Disable seat belt alarm beep
Remove maximum speed limiter

Multi Service Functions

VCX Nano comes with many kinds of service functions including: Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, Headlight, TPMS Reset, ABS Auto Bleed, Battery Registration, Throttle Reset, Injector Coding, Power Balance, Suspension Calibration, Transmission Adaptation etc.

Oil Reset: Perform reset for a new countdown of engine oil life system once changed the oil.

EPB Reset: Reset brake pads to maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively.

SAS Calibration: Erase the fault steering angle sensor memories and make calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor.

DPF Regeneration: Clear the blockage via the continuous burning of the particulate matter captured in the DPF filter.

Note: We don't provide online account for ECU Coding & Programming & Service Functions. Need to get account by yourself.
If you got the VXDIAG VCX SE or VCX Plus, Renault license is optional. 

Package List:

1pc x VXDiag VCX NANO for Renault
1pc x USB cable

Contact information:

Email: Sales@VXdiagShop.com
Skype: VXdiag.com
Whatsapp: 0086-18064450969
If you need any after-sale techinical support, you can inquiry this whatsapp above.
For technical support and service, purchase exclusively from WWW.VXDIAGSHOP.COM ONLY.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. If your shipping method is fast shipping, please kindly give us your phone number for shipping.


Tech Support

How to Install VXDIAG VCX NANO Renault V219 on Win10?

First of all, download CLIP software from our webpage. 

1.  Run Install Fix
2. Install CLIP
3. Install Bosch Driver
4. Install VCI Driver
5. Registration CLIP


1. Run Renault CLIP Install Fix
Merge CLIP successfully


2. Install CLIP setup
Open CLIP219 folder
Install setup.exe

Accept license agreement
Select region
Select Language

Finish installing setup

The platform will restart automatically

Install NET framework 3.5


Finish first installaiton.


3. Install Bosch driver
Run RNM VI Bosch driver and install it


4. Install VCI Driver
Install Renault VCI Driver 1.8.9



5. Register CLIP
Run CLIP software on desktop

Allow window security alert

Press Yes to run as Administrator

CLIP will ask for registration

Tick accept the license contract

Press Register me now


Then run setup-Regis file on the desktop
Press Generate key (Manual)
Then paste the register key to CLIP and Confirm

Registration successfully

Restart computer

Run VXDIAG VCX NANO Renault CLIP software on desktop


Software is ready to use.

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